K-12 Professional Development

As part of its outreach mission, EASC offers teacher training seminars throughout the year to help K-12 educators incorporate aspects of East Asia into their curriculum. Programs vary in format and topic from year to year. Professional development opportunities for 2022-2023 are:
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Past Programs 2022-23:

Programs in 2021-22:
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Additional examples of our programs can be found below:

One-day content workshops

For teachers with busy schedules, EASC offers one-day content workshops on various topics. Through their attendance, teachers acquire information and resources on the topic of focus, become familiar with university experts, and learn about support that universities can provide for their teaching. Contact hour certificates are provided. Access to programs held in conjunction with the workshop, such as conferences or exhibitions on campus, may also be available. Recent examples include:
  • ACTFL Writing Proficiency Guidelines Familiarization Workshops for East Asian language teachers

​​​Multi-day seminars

For teachers looking for a more in-depth experience, EASC organizes multi-day seminars which incorporate both area studies content, through daily lectures, discussions and reading assignments, as well as pedagogical approaches, through the expertise of affiliated College of Education faculty or a master teacher and lesson plan development projects. Participants in these seminars may receive stipends for their time, additional resources, continuing education unit certificates and increased opportunities for building a network of teachers with similar interests. These seminars often have a lead faculty member to conceptualize the project as well as additional faculty speakers to broaden the content covered. Recent examples include:
  • "Bringing Korea into the Classroom" Seminar
  • Global Teacher Seminar

Long-term professional development programs

For teachers interested in sustained engagement with a topic or world region, EASC organizes long-term professional development programs, with support from external funding agencies. These programs often take the form of a semester-long course or intensive summer institute with significant follow-up components over time. Substantial out-of-class assignments including readings, writing and presentations, lesson plan development projects with classroom implementation assignments, as well as final reports and follow-up events are often required. Long-term programs provide a fully immersive academic environment, as they are often residential in nature. Teachers receive feedback from peers and instructors on teaching ideas and how to tie material to applicable standards. EASC often provides teaching resources, stipends for participants, resource-buying grants for their schools, continuing education unit certificates and the option for participants to receive graduate credit. Recent examples include:
  • National Consortium for Teaching about Asia seminars