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2015-2016 ICS Events

Academic Programming

AUGUST 24, 2015
ICS & OIA Lecture: Steve Barclay, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, “The ‘Handover’ of Hong Kong— Life Before and After the Transition”
ICS Lecture: Perry Link, University of California, Riverside, “Why Science Leads to Democracy: The Views of Fang Lizhi”
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015
ICS & History Lecture: Matthew H. Sommer, Stanford University, “Polyandry and Wife Sale in Qing Dynasty China”
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
ICS Lecture: Liang Tao, Ohio University, “Classifier Loss and Syntactic Tone: Usage-Based Language Change in Chinese”
SEPTEMBER 25, 2015
ICS Lecture: Jane DeBevoise, Asia Art Archive, “The Market as Imaginary in Post-Mao China”
OCTOBER 1-3, 2015
EASC/ICS/DEALL Conference: “Memory and Text in Premodern East Asia: Concepts, Theories, and Methods”
OCTOBER 23, 2015
ICS Lecture: Poshek Fu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “The Politics of Entertainment: Cinematic Cold War in Hong Kong”
OCTOBER 30, 2015
ICS Lecture: Yun Shen, Yunnan University, “On the History of Ethnic Groups in China”
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
ICS/History of Art Event: Zhang Hongtu, artist, “Artist’s Talk: Zhang Hongtu”
NOVEMBER 6, 2015
ICS Lecture: Meow Hui Goh, The Ohio State University, “The Instrumentality of Jian for Imperial Remembrance: Admonishing Wei Emperor Ming against Extravagance”
NOVEMBER 13, 2015
ICS Lecture: Joshua Hill, Ohio University, “The Lexicon of Elections: Language and Politics in 19th and 20th Century China”
DECEMBER 4, 2015
ICS Lecture: Christopher Reed, The Ohio State University, “Picturing the Sino-Japanese War (1937-45): The Politics of Memory and Cultural Entrepreneurship”
OCTOBER 5, 2015
ICS Lecture with National Committee on US-China Relations: China Town Hall; local speaker: Rian Thum, Loyola University New Orleans, “Three Ways to Be Uncivilized in China: The Language, Policy, and Consequences of Ethnicity;” national webcast: Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury, Sheldon Day, Mayor of Thomasville, Alabama, and Daniel Rosen, founding partner of Rhodium Group, “Chinese Investment in the United States”
FEBRUARY 5, 2016
ICS Lecture: Hui Zhao (Annette Zhao), Queen Mary University of London, “How Language Informs Society: Dialect Variation in Beijing”
FEBRUARY 19, 2016
ICS Lecture: Galal Walker and Xiaobin Jian, The Ohio State University, “A Chinese Language Pedagogy for the 21st Century: Basic Assumptions”
MARCH 4, 2016
ICS Lecture: Thomas Moran, Middlebury College, “Translating China’s Last Romantic: On ‘Things on Earth,’ ‘1998: 24 Solar Terms,’ and Other Essays by Wei An”
MARCH 11, 2016
ICS Lecture: Wing Chung Ng, University of Texas - San Antonio, “Regional Theater in the Age of Nationalism: Cantonese Opera and the Mei-Ou Challenge in Republican China”
MARCH 12-13, 2016
ICS Conference: 3rd Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics (WICL-3)
MARCH 23, 2016
ICS Graduate Forum: “China and the International Mediasphere”
MARCH 25, 2016
NEALRC/ICS Lecture: Yunhua Liu, Shanghai Normal University, “The Axial Age and the ‘Original Differences’ between China and the West”
APRIL 8, 2016
ICS Lecture: Ao Wang, Wesleyan University, “The Shifting Shapes of Local Knowledge: Tang Literature and the Tujing”
APRIL 15, 2016
ICS Lecture: Jeff Wasserstrom, University of California, Irvine, “The Ghosts of 1900: The Boxer Rising and Invasion of the Eight Allied Armies as Global Media Events”
MAY 10-11, 2016
EASC/ICS/IJS/IKS/DEALL Workshop: “East Asian Book History Workshop”