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2022-2023 IKS Events

Academic Programming

September 15, 2022
IKS Lecture: Pyong Gap Min
"Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, International Laws, and the Japanese Government’s Rejection to Take Responsibility"

November 10, 2022
IKS Lecture: Jeffrey Lewis
"Nuclear Weapons and Instability on the Korean Peninsula"

November 17, 2022
IKS Co-Sponsored Event: Aimee Lee
"The Social Ecological Relationships for Korean Papermaking in Ohio"

March 1, 2023
IKS Target Language Lecture: Chungsook Kim
"Korean Writing Systems Until the 15th Century"

April 4, 2023
IKS Lecture: Na Sil Heo
"Privacy for Modern Housing: Transnational Anti-Communism and Postwar Reconstruction in Cold War South Korea"

April 14, 2023
IKS Lecture: Joseph Kim
"North Korea is a Land with Darkness, Not a Land of Darkness"