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Opportunities for employment in the United States and abroad abound for those with East Asian language proficiency and knowledge of East Asian cultures. These skills can be employed in the government (diplomacy, security, translation), nonprofit (cultural exchange, human rights, environmental issues), business (management, sales, logistics, marketing), education (college level teaching, high school level teaching, administration), media (TV, newspaper, magazine, internet), healthcare, or law sectors, to name a few.
In order to increase students’ readiness for East Asia-related careers after graduation, the East Asian Studies Center has developed a portfolio of professionalization programs, from career talks and career days to panel discussions and skills workshops. Career events feature a broad range of speakers, including representatives from local companies seeking employees with East Asian expertise, government officials working in East Asia-related fields, and alumni who have been pursuing successful East Asia-related careers. In addition, EASC and other offices at The Ohio State University offer various internships for students interested in gaining work experience relevant to East Asia or international careers in general. Beyond EASC, The Ohio State University offers a plethora of resources to help students discover thier passions, develop their skills, and attain career-related experiences in preparation for becoming contributing citizens of the world. 
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