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Environment in East Asia


I. Resources

  1. Environmental Challenges of Development in the East Asia and Pacific Region:
  2. Key environment issues, trends and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region:
  3. Asia’s Environmental Problems: Common Features and Possible Solutions:
  4. The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) Fifth State of the Environment Report (SOER5):
  5. IT’S A PANDAFUL LIFE! How China is saving the giant panda from extinction (video):
    • https://youtu.be/zZoREtoOdtQ
    • The Giant Panda has long been famous as a symbol of conservation and wildlife protection. China is now the only country where pandas still live in the wild. The government has worked hard to prevent its national pride, this adorable bamboo eating bear, from becoming extinct. It has put extensive resources into restoring the pandas’ forest habitat and reintroducing rescued animals to the wild.
  6. Giant Pandas 101 | Nat Geo Wild (video):
    • https://youtu.be/dqT-UlYlg1s
    • Giant pandas’ habitat in the wild today is limited to the mountains of China, but their appetite remains unlimited. They spend nearly every waking moment eating bamboo. Learn about giant pandas and how their diet shapes their lives.
  7. The Imminent Collapse of China’s Society and Environment (Full Documentary film):


II. Articles/ Information Resources

  1. Association for East Asian Environmental History (AEAEH)
    • http://www.aeaeh.org
    • The AEAEH is an organization of individual members engaged in doing research on East Asian environmental issues with historical perspectives.
  2. News Article (South China Morning Post)
  3. World Economic Forum – Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security
  4. East Asian Nations Grapple With Environmental Challenges in 2018
  5. World Bank Report: Environmental Challenges of Development in the East Asia and Pacific Region
  6. East – West Center Report: Population and Environmental Challenges in Asia
  7. Institute for Security and Development Policy: Environmental Challenges and Cooperation in Northeast Asia
    • http://isdp.eu/publication/environmental-challenges-cooperation-northeast-asia/
    • Ranging from transboundary air pollution to maritime degradation, the countries of Northeast Asia face serious environmental threats that necessitate effective regional cooperation. This paper seeks to provide a concise and accessible overview of the main environmental challenges facing the region as well as provides a summary of the existing mechanisms to deal with them.
  8. Council on Foreign Relations – China’s Environmental Crisis
  9. Asian Development Bank Institute report: Asia’s Wicked Environmental Problems


III. Organization Sources

  1. World Wildlife Fund: Priority Places of concern for environmental issues
  2. Asia-Pacific Forum on Environment and Development
    • https://www.apfed.net
    • Asia-Pacific Forum on Environment and Development (APFED), was a group of experts originated at ECO ASIA (Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific) in 2001. The main aim of APFED is finding the critical issues in Asia and Pacific region. Another goal is to introduce the new models of sustainable development and environmental issues.
  3. National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
    • https://www.nies.go.jp/index-e.html
    • The National Institute for Environmental Studies strives to contribute to society through research that fosters and protects a healthy environment for present and future generations.


IV. Pedagogical Resources

  1. Environmental Education Toolbox: Approaching Environmental Issues in the Classroom
  2. Literature Lesson: Environmental Issues in History
  3. Teaching Environmental Issues and the Affective Domain
  4. Environmental Lesson Plans broken down by grade (K-12)
  5. US Environmental Protection Agency: Learning and Teaching about the Environment
  6. Green Activities & Classroom Resources
  7. Young People’s Trust For the Environment: Learning Resources about the environment and sustainability for teachers
  8. Lesson plan on Environmental problems
    • https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/environmental-problems
    • This lesson introduces learners to some of the main issues related to climate change. Learners focus on dictionary skills and the pronunciation of strong and weak syllables in long words. Focusing on the lexis in detail will help them recognize and use these terms outside the classroom.
  9. Taking It to the Class: Green Projects for the Classroom
  10. Global Education
  11. Origins
    • http://origins.osu.edu
    • A collaborative publication from Ohio State and Miami University that reports on current events in terms of the historical perspective while also providing numerous resources for teachers to include these events in their classrooms.
  12. Cause and Effect graphic organizers for Southern & Eastern Asia Environmental Issues

V. Videos

  1. YouTube Playlist: S and E Asia Environmental Issues
  2. Flipped classroom lesson on Environmental Issues in Asia
  3. Environmental Documentary: ‘Earth Factor Asia: Making a Difference’ (2008)
  4. Student-made PowToon Video on Environmental Issues of Southeast Asia