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East Asia Art:

East Asian Art Library Guide from Prof. Courtney Hunt, The Ohio State University


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Artists (contemporary)–limited to the top three for each region:

  • China
    • Ai Weiwei, Contemporary Chinese Artist (Article, Video)
    • Liu Bolin, Chinese photographer known for creating camouflaged images speaking to the ideas of identity and commercialism
    • Xu Bing, Chinese installation artists who takes traditional artforms like printmaking and calligraphy and reimagines them in large spaces
  • Japan:
    • Hamada Shoji, Japanese ceramic artists and a “Living National Treasure”
    • Shiko Munakata, Japanese woodblock print artist, well known for his modern use of Buddhist imagery
    • Yayoi Kusama, Japanese installation artist best known for her use of dots and light
  • Korea:
    • Nam June Paik, Korean mixed media artist and inventor of the term “Electronic Superhighway”
    • Jin Joo Chae, Korean mixed media artist who uses the image of Choco pies as propaganda art (interview)
    • Kim Ho-Suk, Korean painter best known for paintings of comfort women

Korean Art:

Ik-Joong Kang (Moon Jar/Longing for Home)