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Film Guides

EASC is pleased to present film guides developed in support of the "Bringing East Asian Studies into the Classroom" Conference highlighting a different theme for  each country, including:

  • Recording History: A Taxi Driver (2017) & the Memory of South Korea’s Contentious 1980s (updates and pdf coming soon)
  • Genre & Geopolitics: The Wandering Earth (2019) & China’s Place in the World (updates and pdf coming soon)
  • Catastrophe & Connection: Your Name (2016) & Japan’s 3/11 (updates and pdf coming soon)

Resources and Background: Ode to My Father

These film guides were developed by Julia Keblinska, The Ohio State University and are available online for classroom use worldwide. The film guides can be accessed at EASC's Film Guide page. The film guide project was coordinated by The Ohio State University's East Asian Studies Center (EASC) to incorporate East Asian Studies into the curriculum at all levels, including community colleges, liberal arts and other institutions, for undergraduate and high school courses. This project was supported by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant to The Ohio State University East Asian Studies Center.

World in Film: A Long Way Home

This film guide was developed through a collaboration between federally-funded National Resource Centers and Documentary Educational Resources (DER). This program, focused on A Long Way Home, was organized and supported by: Center for East Asian Studies at University of Arizona, East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University, and Taiwan Studies Arts & Culture Program at University of Washington through U.S. Department of Education Title VI grants to each of the centers, in conjunction with DER.