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Protests in East Asia

Select Protests in China:

The Cause of the Riots in the Yangtse Valley (1891) (MIT’s Visualizing Cultures)

The Boxer Uprising: The Gathering Storm in North China (1850-1900) (MIT’s Visualizing Cultures)

1989 Tiananmen Square Protests (June Fourth Incident)

Falun Gong practitioners at Zhongnanhai (4/25/1999)

Recent high-profile mass protests in China (BBC News, 7/3/2012)

Hong Kong

Select Protests in Japan:

Tokyo May Day Riots (1952) – May 12, 1952

Anpo Protests (1959-1960 and 1970) against the US-Japan Security Treat that allowed the United States to maintain military bases in Japan.

Todai Riots (1968-1969) started with the protests by medical students at the University of Tokyo (Todai) about the working conditions of interns

Recent Protests in Japan:

MIT’s Visualizing Cultures

Political Protest in Interwar Japan – 1 (Unit)

MIT’s Visualizing Cultures MOOCs:

Select Protests in South Korea:

Candlelight protests to impeach President Park, 2016–2017

2018–2019 South Korean protests.

Key Moments in Protest Histories