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CHINA Town Hall


Since 2010, the Institute for Chinese Studies at The Ohio State University has been a local partner of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (NCUSCR) in sponsoring their annual CHINA Town Hall - Local Connections, National Reflections event. The two-part events feature a local speaker and a national webcast speaker for discussion and Q&A on the complex Sino-American relationship. The national webcast reaches audiences at the local venue in Columbus, Ohio, and at 100+ venues across the United States and Greater China.

Speakers in recent years have included:

  • 2019: FCOB CHINA Town Hall: George Stephanopoulos
  • 2018: ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Kristin Stapleton, "Some Good Persons of Sichuan: A Provincial Perspective on Twentieth-Century Chinese History;" Webcast: Condoleezza Rice, 66th US Secretary of State
  • 2017: ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Tashi Ragbey, “Missing Territoriality: Tibet and Governance Paradigm in the People’s Republic of China;” Webcast: Ambassador Susan E. Rice, “US-China Relations”
  • 2016: ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Jonathan Pollack, Brookings Institution, “Chinese Peripheral Diplomacy in East Asia: Can Beijing Learn from its Unforced Errors?;” Webcast: Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
  • 2015: ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Rian Thum, Loyola University New Orleans, “Three Ways to Be Uncivilized in China: The Language, Policy, and Consequences of Ethnicity;” Webcast: Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury, Sheldon Day, Mayor of Thomasville, Alabama, and Daniel Rosen, founding partner of Rhodium Group, “Chinese Investment in the United States”