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2017-2018 IKS Events

Academic Programming

IJS/IKS Lecture: Misato Ido, Kyoto Institute of Technology, and Soojin Kim, Seoul National University, “Envisioning Screen Paintings in Korea and Japan”
SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
IKS Lecture: Ingyu Oh, Korea University, “Explaining the Melancholic Epidemic—The Case of Hallyu Fans”
NOVEMBER 2, 2017
IKS Lecture: Arissa Oh, Boston College, “The Korean Origins of International Adoption”
NOVEMBER 14, 2017
IKS Lecture and Performance: “Korean Traditional Music”
NOVEMBER 16-17, 2017
EASC/IKS-Supported Performance: “4th Annual Wind and Stream Performance: Bridging Andean and Korean Poetics and Politics of Traditional Music Today”
JANUARY 29, 2018
Mershon Center for International Security Studies/EASC/IKS Panel: David Kang, University of Southern California; Mitchell Lerner, The Ohio State University; James Matray, California State University; Jennifer M. Miller, Dartmouth College; Meredith Oyen, University of Baltimore-Maryland County; “The United States and East Asia under President Trump: A One-Year Retrospective”
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
IKS Lecture: Merose Hwang, Hiram College, “What’s the History Lesson? 4.3 Incident Imagined, Memorialized (and Repeated?)”
FEBRUARY 17, 2018
EASC/IKS-Supported Symposium: “Symposium for the Transnational Society for Korean Literary Traditions”
MARCH 8, 2018
IKS Lecture: Stephen Linton, Eugene Bell Foundation, “Understanding North Korea through Medical Exchanges”
MARCH 9, 2018
IKS Lecture: Hyuna Lee Linton, Eugene Bell Foundation, “Differences in Language Use between North and South Korea”
MARCH 28, 2018
IKS Performance Event: “Suwon City Chorale”
APRIL 13, 2018
IKS Lecture: Seong-kon Kim, Seoul National University, “Korean Literature and Culture: ‘Glittering’ across Boundaries”


JUNE 8-9, 2017
IKS Teacher Training: “Bringing Korea into the Classroom,” Mark Peterson, Brigham Young University, Mitchell Lerner, The Ohio State University, and Deborah Solomon, Otterbein University