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Tea Culture

Background information about tea in China:

World Tea News

Tsiosophy (Primary Source Materials with translations) Tsiosophy is the wisdom of tea, a journal devoted to the history and literature of Camellia sinensis and Chinese poetry. Primary source material (history, literature, reports) in Chinese with translations.  Some include:

Chazhidao Chinese Tea Traditions School: The Way of Tea Online Course (free) Lessons include main categories (below) and subcategories:

  • An insight into the modern Chinese tea tradition. Tea.
  • An insight into the modern Chinese tea tradition. Basic brewing techniques and the choice of tea-ware.
  • Tea production and brewing history in China
  • Modern methods of tea leaf processing in China
  • Pin Cha Method of brewing Chinese tea (includes videos)

Examples of some lessons include:

Database with list of types of tea (includes name, form, type, province, picture w/map)

Tea pot forms:  Includes many different types of tea posts with pictures

Map (map of China with various tea)

Other Resources:


Background material about tea in Japan:

World Green Tea Association: Includes varieties of tea, utilization of tea, distribution and consumption, culture, scientific research, natural powers of tea, history, tea cultivation:

Ito en:  Largest green tea distributor in Japan https://www.itoen-global.com/

Other Resources:


Background material about tea in Korea:


Background material about tea in East Asia:

  • The history of Tea – Shunan Teng (TED-Ed 4’) – Youtube Link 
  • Chinese Green Tea: How it's made, with Master Gu – Youtube Link
  • Let's Talk Tea with Steven Owyoung – Youtube Link
  • Negotiating Religious and Cultural Diversity in Tang China: An Analysis of the Cha jiu lun 茶酒論 – pdf link

The 4th International Conference on O-CHA (Tea) Culture and Science (articles):

  • Production Technique of Shade Grown High Quality Tea in Japan - Matcha tea cultivation and production – pdf link
  • Green tea production technologies in Shizuoka – pdf link
  • Tea Production and Tea Products in Japan – pdf link
  • A Mechanized Tea Cultivation System in Kagoshima, Japan – pdf link
  • Studies on aroma formation mechanisms during tea manufacturing suggest methods not only to improve the quality of made teas, but also to produce new types of teas – pdf link
  • Contribution of scientific innovation and environmental friendly strategies on the development of Chinese tea industry – pdf link
  • The Korean Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis): RFLP Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Relationship to Japanese Tea – pdf link
  • Bactericidal activity of green tea extracts: the importance of catechin containing nano particles – pdf link
  • Antimicrobial properties of green tea catechins – link to article
  • Tea’s Probiotic and Prebotic Benefits Fit Global Needs, World Tea News



Portland Japanese Garden (virtual visit)

Teaching Resources/Lesson Plans:

  • Standage, Tom.  A History of the World in Six Glasses. 2006.