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2016-2017 ICS Events

Academic Programming

ICS Lecture: Zhiguo Xie, The Ohio State University, “Degree Intensifiers as Expressives in Mandarin Chinese”
SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
ICS Lecture: C.K. Shum, The Ohio State University, “Satellite Geodesy: An Earth-Sensing, Big-Data Paradigm for Addressing Climate Stress in China”
SEPTEMBER 28, 2016
ICS Lecture: Gregory Kulacki, Union of Concerned Scientists, “The Risk of Nuclear War between the United States and China”
OCTOBER 7, 2016
ICS/OCAPA Lecture: Siu-Leung Lee, Zheng-He Society of the Americas, “How Maps Turn World History Upside Down”
OCTOBER 18, 2016
ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Jonathan Pollack, Brookings Institution, “Chinese Peripheral Diplomacy in East Asia: Can Beijing Learn from its Unforced Errors?;” Webcast: Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
OCTOBER 21, 2016
Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum 2
OCTOBER 24, 2016
ICS Lecture: Regina Llamas, Stanford University, “Actor, Role, and Character in Chinese Theater”
NOVEMBER 17, 2016
ICS Lecture: Leah Wong, artist, “Cross-Boundary Practice and Imagination in Contemporary East-West Artistic Creation”
JANUARY 27, 2017
ICS Lecture: Hongtao Yi, The Ohio State University, “Local Water Governance in China: Taming the Water Dragons”
JANUARY 28, 2017
ICS Event: Benjamin Wiant, “Gallery Conversation: The Bliss M. and Mildred A. Wiant Collection of Chinese Art at The Ohio State University”
FEBRUARY 3, 2017
ICS Lecture: Max Woodworth, The Ohio State University, “Seeing Ghosts: Parsing China’s Ghost City Controversy”
FEBRUARY 24, 2017
ICS Lecture: Daniel C.K. Chow, The Ohio State University, “Why China Established the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank”
MARCH 3, 2017
ICS Lecture: Li Guo, Utah State University, “Gendering the Nation-State: Revisiting Nineteenth Century Chinese Women’s Tanci Novels”
MARCH 7, 2017
ICS Graduate Forum
MARCH 10, 2017
ICS Lecture: Xiaofei Tian, Harvard University, “Writing Trauma and Violence: Yu Xin’s (513-581) ‘Memory Palace’”
MARCH 20, 2017
ICS Lecture: Jerry Zee, University of California, Davis, “Airborne Dust Event: Experiments on a Chinese Airstream”
MARCH 24, 2017
ICS Lecture: Paul Barclay, Lafayette College, “At the Geographic Limits of Discipline: The Japanese Empire and Indigeneity in Colonial Taiwan”
MARCH 30, 2017
EASC/ICS Film Screening & Discussion: “Iron Moon” with Kirk Denton, The Ohio State University
APRIL 6, 2017
EASC/ICS Film Screening & Discussion: “My Life in China” with Kenneth Eng and Ehren Parks, filmmakers
APRIL 7, 2017
ICS/OCAPA Lecture: James H-Y. Tai, National Chung Cheng University, “Aging and Cognitive Reserves: Language Development over the Lifespan”
APRIL 11, 2017
ICS-Supported Lecture: Su-hsing Lin, Tainan National University of the Arts, “A Panorama of Self-Inspiration: Qi Baishi’s Landscape Paintings and Their Significance in 20th Century China”
APRIL 12, 2017
ICS Lecture: Gang Zhu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, “The Poetics of Communication: A Study on the Shibaoshan Song Fair of the Bai People in Southwest China”
APRIL 13, 2017
ICS/NEALRC Lecture: Bin Yu, Wittenberg University, “The ‘Civilizational Factor’ in Trump’s Russia-China Asymmetry & America’s Russia and China Studies”
APRIL 20, 2017
ICS/NEALRC Lecture: Cho Tak Wong, Fuyao Glass Industry Group, “My Experiences of Investing in Fuyao Glass America”
APRIL 24, 2017
EASC/ICS/IJS/IKS Lecture: Peter Kornicki, University of Cambridge, “Chinese Whispers: Transforming Chinese Texts in Japan, Korea and Vietnam”


OCTOBER 3, 2016
ICS Outreach Lecture at Columbus State Community College: Sue-mei Wu, Carnegie Mellon University, “Amazing Hands: Teaching Taiwanese Hand Puppet Theater in US Universities”
ICS China Discovery Boxes Sent to Schools in Ohio and Nationwide