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Bringing Korea into the Classroom

Since 2017, the Institute for Korean Studies has offered a summer workshop for 6-12th grade Ohio teachers to provide an introduction to the rich history and culture of Korea. Through a series of small seminars held over two days, this free program is intended to provide teachers with the knowledge, resources, and expert guidance to allow them to incorporate or enhance curriculum about Korea in their classrooms. The program opens with a series of presentations focused on the rich history of the nation, including Korea’s role in early print culture, the unique nature of the language, the nation's early economic and industrial development, and its long history of political and diplomatic relations up to and including the Korean War, and even the growth in the international popularity of Korean food and drink. OSU faculty members offer additional presentations on topics ranging from to the nation’s art and literature to contemporary Korean popular culture to the challenge of North Korea. A final session, directed by an experienced high school teacher with some expertise in Korea, is devoted to developing lesson plans for the classroom, which are shared with all participants through the workshop’s webpage.

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Resources and Opportunities for Educators Interesting in Teaching about Korea

Lesson Plans Developed by "Bringing Korea into the Classroom" Participants

"Bringing Korea into the Classroom" workshops are presented by the Institute for Korean Studies at The Ohio State University, Mitchell Lerner, Director.