Institutional Funding Opportunities

Asia Project Grants
Sponsor: Henry Luce Foundation
Open to: Grants are limited to the humanities and social sciences and are typically for longer-term programs or projects that respond to critical needs in the field of Asian studies. Most awards are made to colleges, universities and organizations based in the United States.
Description: Grants typically supporting research, creation of new scholarly and public resources, and the exchange of ideas and information between Americans and Asians.

Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grants
Sponsor: Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCKF) 
Open to: Support for conferences and/or workshops on specific subjects related to the Foundation's goals and objectives.
Description: Support for six to twelve consecutive months of full-time research in the humanities and humanities-related social-sciences.

Dispatch of Korean Studies Professors
Sponsor: Korea Foundation
Open to: Overseas universities are eligible for the program if they have offered Korean Studies courses or conducted related research.
Description: To assist overseas universities in expanding their selection of Korean Studies courses, the Foundation recruits and dispatches selected Korean Studies professors, lecturers and instructors in subject areas specified by the universities.

Distribution of Resources for Korean Studies
Sponsor: Korea Foundation
Open to: Universities, national and public libraries, research institutes, museums, and other art and cultural organizations.
Description: To encourage overseas Korea studies and to introduce Korea, the Foundation provides overseas universities, national and public libraries, major policy research institutes, and cultural and art institutions with printed, audiovisual, and multimedia materials published in Korea and abroad in Korean and foreign languages.

Establishment of Professorships
Sponsor: Korea Foundation
Open to: Overseas universities that have built a substantial basis for long-term development of Korean Studies are eligible for support under the program.
Description: The Foundation supports the establishment of Korean Studies and Korean language professorships at overseas universities that have demonstrated a strong commitment to the field. The Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of either a tenure track position or an endowed chair. The Foundation normally subsidizes salaries for newly established Korean Studies professorships for three years. In some cases, however, support can be extended for a further two years.

Support for Overseas Museums
Sponsor: Korea Foundation
Open to: Foreign museums with significant collections of Korean relics or artworks
Description: Support For the Establishment of Korean Galleries, Support For Korea Related Exhibitions and Cultural Programs, Workshop for Korean-Art curators, Dispatch of curators specializing in Korea to overseas museums.

Unsolicited Grants
Sponsor: United States Institute of Peace
Open to: Non-profit organizations and individuals
Description: One to two-year awards