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Your Name

Accessibility: Your Name is streaming on several sites, linked below. It is also available on Blu-ray and DVD. The Columbus Metro Library has several copies. The price differences reflect the cost of standard and high-definition versions on the film, respectively. 

  • Amazon (rent for $3.19/3.99, purchase for $5.59/4.99) 
  • YouTube (rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99/14.99) 
  • Google Play (HD only, rent for $3.99, purchase for $12.99) 
  • Apple TV (HD only, rent for $3.99, purchase for $14.99) 
  • Vudu (rent for $2.99/3.99, purchase for $4.99) 

This film guide was developed by Julia Keblinska, The Ohio State University and is available online for classroom use worldwide.  All the film guides can be accessed at EASC's Film Guide page.