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Japan Box

The Institute for Japanese Studies is pleased to offer the Japan Discovery Box in physical and virtual form.  The virtual Discovery Boxes are available online, just select the theme of your box to the left or view all the items in “Items”.  The physical Japan Discovery Boxes can be borrowed for use in schools, libraries and community organizations for up to two weeks, free of charge. The box contains an array of items from Japan such as clothing, traditional toys, maps & postcards, cooking utensils, and various other materials, along with a description and background information for each item. Although materials in the box may be used for display purposes, students are welcome to handle any of the items.

*Items in each box may slightly vary.

Virtual Discovery Boxes available include:

Lesson Plans

This project was coordinated by the Institute for Japanese Studies at The Ohio State University, and made possible through support from a Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership Grant.