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2017-2018 IJS Events

Academic Programming

IJS/IKS Lecture: Misato Ido, Kyoto Institute of Technology, and Soojin Kim, Seoul National University, “Envisioning Screen Paintings in Korea and Japan”
SEPTEMBER 15, 2017
IJS/Asian American Studies Program Lecture: Midori Yamamura, CUNY Kinsborough Community College, “Art Outlaws and Monolopy during the 1960s: Yayoi Kusama and the Rise of the Global Art Market”
OCTOBER 10, 2017
IJS Lecture: David Crandall, Theatre Nohgaku, “Noh as Performance”
OCTOBER 20, 2017
IJS Lecture: Sumie Jones, Indiana University, “Gender, Class, and Subversion in Male Homoerotic Narratives of the Early Edo Period”
OCTOBER 30, 2017
IJS Lecture: Namiko Kunimoto, The Ohio State University, “Katsura Yuki and the Stakes of Exposure”
NOVEMBER 13, 2017
IJS Lecture: Kaoru Iokibe, University of Tokyo, “From Black Ships to ONE PIECE: Japan-US Relations”
JANUARY 31, 2018
IJS Lecture: Naoyuki Agawa, Doshisha University, “Japan-US Relations in the Changing World: North Korea, China, and America First”
FEBRUARY 21, 2018
IJS Lecture: Lynne Miyake, Pomona College, “Gender Flipped, “Cutie,” (Non)Eroticized Subjects/Objects of Consumption and Production: The Manga Comics Tales of Genji”
FEBRUARY 26, 2018
IJS Event/Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Takeo Hoshi, Stanford University, “Has Abenomics Revived the Japanese Economy? Comparative Macroeconomic Perspectives with the US Economy”
MARCH 2, 2018
IJS Lecture: Jeffrey Angles, Western Michigan University, “Resurrecting Orikuchi Shinobu’s ‘The Book of the Dead’”
APRIL 4, 2018
IJS Lecture: Mark MacWilliams, St. Lawrence University, “Rehinking What’s Sacred about ‘Ano Hana’ Anime Pilgrimage”


NOVEMBER 5, 2017
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Teacher Workshop and Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ) Annual Meeting, “Implementing Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) Workshop,” Yo Azama, ACTFL Teacher of the Year, North Salinas High School
DECEMBER 3, 2017
IJS Event: Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered at The Ohio State University
MARCH 3, 2018
IJS and Ohio-Japan Alumni Network Panel: Jonathan Hartley, Innovate, IP; Christopher Ramdeen, Ohio Attorney General; Aaron Schroeder, Daishin Industrial USA Company; “Japanese Studies in My Life and Career”
MARCH 10, 2018
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Speech Contest Finals for Ohio High School and College Students
APRIL 8, 2018
IJS Outreach: Japanese Student Organization’s Japanese Spring Festival at The Ohio State University
APRIL 14, 2018
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Teacher Workshop and Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ) Spring Meeting, “Japanese Curriculum Design with Proficiency- and Content-Based Instruction,” Tomoko Takami, University of Pennsylvania
MAY 18 – AUGUST 8, 2018
IJS Internship Program: Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd. Internship in Japan for OSU student
IJS Japan Discovery Boxes sent to schools in Ohio and nationwide