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2017-2018 ICS Events

Academic Programming

ICS Lecture: John Horack, The Ohio State University, “The Role of Space Exploration in China’s Rise”

OCTOBER 6, 2017
ICS Lecture: Suki Liu, University of Hong Kong, “Prominence in Tone Languages”
OCTOBER 20, 2017
ICS Lecture: Benno Weiner, Carnegie Mellon University, “Becoming Masters of their Own Homes: The United Front, Socialist Transformation and Rebellion on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier (1949-1958)”
OCTOBER 24, 2017
ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Tashi Ragbey, “Missing Territoriality: Tibet and Governance Paradigm in the People’s Republic of China;” Webcast: Ambassador Susan E. Rice, “US-China Relations”
OCTOBER 27, 2017
ICS Lecture: Zheng Gu, Fudan University, “Between Journalism and Propaganda: The Assassination of Song Jiaoren in Minglibao”
NOVEMBER 2, 2017
ICS Lecture: Tarryn Chun, University of Notre Dame, “The Aesthetics of Technological Excess in Contemporary Chinese Performance”
NOVEMBER 3, 2017
ICS Lecture: Simon Wickhamsmith, Rutgers University, “Mongol Identity in Contemporary Inner and Outer Mongolian Poetry”
NOVEMBER 9, 2017
ICS Lecture: Keren He, Oberlin College, “Revolutionizing Evolution: The Politics of Suicide Bombing in Late Qing China”
NOVEMBER 16, 2017
ICS Lecture: Anping Luo, Southwest University for Nationalities, “How and Where to Rest My Body and Spirit?: Aged Women in Buddhist Temple Retreats in China”
DECEMBER 1, 2017
ICS Lecture: Xiaowei Zheng, University of California, Santa Barbara, “The Politics of Rights and the 1911 Revolution in China”
JANUARY 19, 2018
ICS Lecture: Roger Williams, The Ohio State University, “The Impact of China’s Timber Deficit on Forest Ecosystems and the Possible Solutions through Policies and Management”
JANUARY 26, 2018
ICS Lecture: Shengyu Pei, South-Central University of Nationalities, “Internal Migration of Ethnic Minorities in China: Perspectives, Problems and Policies”
FEBRUARY 2, 2018
ICS Lecture: Oded Shenkar, The Ohio State University, “Clustering Countries: The Confucian Cluster”
FEBRUARY 9, 2018
ICS Lecture: Xinda Lian, Denison University, “The Beauty of Being Aberrantly Different: A Peep into the World of Shishuo xinyu”
FEBRUARY 16, 2018
ICS Lecture: Udo Will, The Ohio State University, “Chinese Music and the Concept of Time”
FEBRUARY 19, 2018
ICS-Supported Event: Chinese New Year Celebration in Hagerty Hall
FEBRUARY 22, 2018
ICS Lecture: Nicole Talmacs, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, “The Rise of China’s Film Industry: Concerns and Desires”
FEBRUARY 23, 2018
ICS Lecture: Christopher K. Tong, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, “Torrents of Revolution: Writing Environmental Disasters in Republic China”
MARCH 2, 2018
ICS-Supported Event: “Hubei Peking Opera Night”
MARCH 8, 2018
ICS Workshops: “30th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics Pre-Conference Workshops: ‘Language and Aging: Methodology and Data Collection’ and ‘Corpus Approaches to Chinese Linguistics Research and Teaching’”
MARCH 9-11, 2018
ICS Conference: “30th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics”
MARCH 10, 2018
ICS/OCAPA Lecture: Chu-Ren Huang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, “Chinese Perspectives on Synaesthesia: From Sense to Sense, from Cognition to Culture, from Embodiment to Universality”
MARCH 20, 2018
ICS Graduate Forum
MARCH 30, 2018
ICS Lecture: Stephen Owen, Harvard University, “Bamboo in the Breast and in the Belly: Thinking Through Literature”
APRIL 5, 2018
EASC/ICS Film Screening: “Still Tomorrow” with Q&A
APRIL 13, 2018
ICS Lecture: Lynn Struve, Indiana University, “The Historicity of Dreaming: A Case from Later Imperial China”
APRIL 18, 2018
EASC/ICS/History of Art Film Screening: “Xu Bing: Tobacco Project Virginia”
APRIL 18, 2018
EASC/ICS/Melton Center for Jewish Studies Film Screening: “Above the Drowning Sea”


NOVEMBER 17, 2017 – JANUARY 7, 2018
ICS Outreach: Chinese Lantern Festival at Ohio Expo Center
FEBRUARY 24, 2018
ICS Outreach: 2018 Ohio China Day at Cleveland Public Auditorium
ICS China Discovery Boxes sent to schools in Ohio and nationwide