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Theses & Dissertations

Many OSU masters theses and doctoral dissertations related to East Asia are available electronically through the OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertation Center—a free, online database of theses and dissertations from participating OhioLINK member schools. The ETD center contains the abstract and full text (if it was submitted) for all included theses and dissertations. Since the 2002-2003 academic year, all new OSU dissertations are automatically posted at OhioLINK. Full-text versions of many earlier OSU dissertations are available through Dissertation Abstracts (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses). All theses and dissertations from other programs published prior to 2010 can be searched for at OhioLink or Proquest.

EAS MA Theses

Chad Berry, "Looking for a Friend: Sino-U.S. Relations and Ulysses S. Grant’s Mediation in the Ryukyu/Liuqiu 琉球 Dispute of 1879," 2014

Bruno Biagini, Hōjōki: Building for the Self, Building the Self, 2021

Pengyuan Cao, An Existential-Phenomenological Analysis of The Mind-Thing Relation in Wang Yangming’s Philosophy, 2016

Makayla Cherry, On Constructing 'Our Home': North Korean Cinema and Symbolism, 2022

Keegan Cothern, Bracing Japan: Earthquakes, Nature, Planning, and the (Re)Construction of Japan, 1923-1995, 2016

Paula Curtis, Purveyors of Power: Artisans and Political Relations in Japan‘s Late Medieval Age, 2011

Francesco DiMarco, Reframing Yuan Shikai: The Institutional, Rhetorical, and Religious Foundations of the Monarchical Attempt, 1915-1916, 2017

Deidryn Duncan, "High Heels and Rouge:Crafting the New Woman through Consumption in Linglong Women’s PictorialMagazine (Linglong funü tuhua zazhi)《玲瓏婦女圖畫雜誌》, 1931-1936," 2013

Yufan Fang, A Preliminary Study of a Tang Dynasty Diamond Sutra Manuscript in the Bliss M. and Mildred A. Wiant Collection, 2016

Adam Gerval, Seeking Autonomy: Comparative Analysis of the Japanese & South Korean Defense Sectors, 2020

Skylor Gomes, Chinese Government Response to the 2019 Hong Kong Protests:A Corpus-Based Lexical Study, 2010

Angela Haugen, Mounded Tomb Cultures of Three Kingdoms Period Korea and Yamato Japan: A Study of Golden Regalia and Cultural Interactions, 2019

Joseph Henares, Reluctant Complicity in a Fascist Age: Nishida Kitarō’s The Problem of Japanese Culture and Iwanami Culture, 1938-1941, 2019

Joshua Hubbard, Troubling the "New Woman:” Femininity and Feminism in The Ladies' Journal (Funü zazhi) 《婦女雜誌》, 1915-1931, 2012

Alexander Jania, Beyond Mitigation: The Emotional Functions of Natural Disaster Folklore in Japan, 2015

Seth Josolowitz, Work Smart: Information Technology and Productivity in Japan, 2021

Karen Mancl, Environmental Technology Transfer to Rural China, 2010

Ian McNally, Internal Cultivation or External Strength?: Claiming Martial Arts in the Qing Period, 2019

Stephanie Metzger, "Good Wives, Wise Mothers, and Their Working Men: Gender Perspectives on Nihonjinron," 2012

Jennifer Nunes, “Afternoon, a Fall”: Relationality, Accountability, and Failure as a Queer-Feminist Approach to Translating the Poetry of Yu Xiuhua, 2017

Erin Odor, Re-versing the Eighth Genius: Invoking Partnerships and Poetics to Translate the Huajian ji 《花箋記》, 2014

Laura Pearce, Recording the West: Central Asia in Xuanzang’s Great Tang Dynasty Record of the Western Regions, 2018

Jane Powell, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Chemical Fertilizer Use: A Case Study of the North China Plain, 2018

Sheng Qu, Cinematic History and Multi-Subcultural Analysis:The Representation of Youth Dreams in Chinese Cinema, 2014

William Sheets, Mythology in 21st Century Japan: A Study of Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, 2017

Gregory Shonk, Vision and Presence: Seeing The Buddha In The Early Buddhist and Pure Land Traditions, 2012

Jason Smith, Takuan: Master Tropes in the Buddhist Metaphorization of Violence at the Nexus of Historical Change, 2021

Spencer Steward, "Chinese Agricultural Extension and Uneven Economic Growth, 1903-1937:A CaseStudy of Shandong Province," 2015

Katy Straily, Simmering Strife: Mt. Paektu and Sino-Korean Relations, 2018

Logan Ward, Colonial Connections: Interpreting and Representing Korea through Art and Material Culture at the Cleveland Museum of Art (1914 – 1945), 2021

Yongfei Yi, Sakaguchi Ango’s Conceptualizations of the Function of Literature in the Postwar Era, 2011

Xiyue Zhang, Adaptation of First-Person Narrative Literature: Revisiting Kazoku gēmu (1981) and The Family Game (1983), 2019

Related Theses and Dissertations

Gao, Li. Three essays on interregional migration and the adoption of straw retention in China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2017.

Liu, Pu. Dependence Structure in Agricultural Index Insurance Design and Product Development. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Liu, Xianglin. Three essays in agricultural insurance. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

McGuire, William. Essays on Voluntary Standards in International Trade. Doctor of Philosphy, 2012.

Okajima, Shigeharu. Essays on the Effect of Environmental Policies in Japan. Doctor of Philosophy. 2012.

Saksena, Michelle. Three essays on the social science of obesity. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Leahy, Rachael Elizabeth. Allostatic load, senescence, and aging among Japanese elderly. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Maymind, Ilana. Ethics in Exile: A Comparative Study of Shinran and Maimonides. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Wamae, Wachanga Muriuki. That I Should Dance On The Earth: Shinran's Revaluation of 'Karmic Afflications'. MA in Comparative Studies, 2012. 

Chen, Guangyan. Developing a Culture-Based Rating Criterion Model for Assessing Oral Performances in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Chen, Litong. Shaoguan Tuhua, a Local Vernacular of Northern Guangdong Province, China: A New Look from a Quantitative and Contact Linguistic Perspective. Master of Arts, 2012.

Chen, Litong. Dapeng dialect: An undocumented Cantonese Hakka mixed language in Southern China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Chen, Qin. The others: Desire, anxiety, and the politics of Chinese horror cinema (1989-2015). Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Francis-Ratte, Alexander Takenobu. Proto-Korean-Japanese: A new reconstruction of the common origin of the Japanese and Korean languages. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Gibbs, Levi Samuel. Song Kingdom: Tradition, Social Change, and the Contemporary Art of a Northern Shaanxi Folksinger. Doctor of Philosophy, 2013.

Goss, Seth Joshua. The effects of internal and experience-based factors on the perception of lexical pitch accent by native and nonnative Japanese listeners. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Inamoto, Masako. Insignificance Given Meaning: The Literature of Kita Moio. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Kang, Hana. Computer-Based Writing and Paper-Based Writing: A Study of Beginning-Level and Intermediate-Level Chinese Learners' Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Kashiwagi, Akiko. Processing Relative Clauses in First and Second Language: A Case Study. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Lee, Peace Bakwon. Contested Stories: Constructing Chaoxianzu Identity. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Liu,  Ying. Understanding readership: American students' perceptions of evidence in Chinese persuasive composition. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Luft, Stephen. Japanese language learners' out-of-class study: Form-focus and meaning-focus in a program that uses the performed culture approach. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Meng, Nan. Chinese Culture Themes and Cultural Development: From a Family Pedagogy to a Performance-Based Pedagogy of a Foreign Language and Culture. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Pimentel, Carlos. Pronominal interpretations in L2 Japanese. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Qin, Xizhen. Towards Understanding Misunderstanding in Cross-Cultural Communication: The Case of American Learners of Chinese Communicating with Chinese People in the Chinese Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Ratté, Alexander Takenobu. Contact-Induced Phonological Change in Taiwanese. Master of Arts, 2011.

Su, Lulei. A pedagogical perspective on Advanced L2 Learners’ acquisition of Chinese conceptual metaphor. Master of Arts, 2011.

Tsuchiya, Shinsuke. Perceptions of native and nonnative speakers and observational analysis of "divergent" Japanese language teachers in context. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Wang, Jianfen. An ecology of literacy: A context-based interdisciplinary curriculum for Chinese as a foreign language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2016.

Wiener, Seth. The representation, organization and access of lexical tone by native and non-native Mandarin speakers. Doctor of Philosophy, 2015.

Yang, Chunsheng (George). The Acquisition of Mandarin Prosody by American Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Yang, Jia. Toward a pedagogy of conventional expressions in Chinese culture. Doctor of Philosophy, 2014.

Yu, Ying. The Fantastic in the 1960s and 1970s: The Idea of Subversion and an Exploration of Style. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Zhang, Yongfang. Performance-based Chinese L2 Reading Instruction: A Spiral Approach. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Jiang, Zheng. Three Essays in Economic Growth and Development. 2012.

Kang, Hyunju. Essays in International Macroeconomics. Master of Economics, 2012.

Ma, Li. Essays in Housing Choices and Consumer Behavior. Doctor of Philosophy, Economics. 2012.

Shi, Huimin. Three Essays on the Empirical Relevance of International Trade Models: New Evidence from China. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Yoo, Dongwoo. Three Essays in Economic Growth and Development. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Kim, Sang Hyun. John Dewey's Ideas on Authority and Their Significance for Contemporary Korean Schools.Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Yough, Michael S. Self-Efficacy and the Language Learner. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Birkby, Stuart J. English-Language Introduction to Contemporary Taiwan: A Historicolinguistic Perspective. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Fang, Ming. A Multiple Case Study of Chinese Students' L2 Taks Representation Across Three Reading-to-Write Tasks in an Undergraduate EAP Writing Courses. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Hardman, Jocelyn Brooks. The Intelligibility of Chinese-Accented English to International and American Students at a US University. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Hsiao-Feng Tsai. Classroom Discourse and Reading Comprehension in Bilingual Settings: A Case Study of Collaborative Reasoning in a Chinese Heritage Language Learners' Classroom. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Ko, Kyoungrok. Perceptions of KFL/ESL Teachers in North America Regarding Feedback on College Student Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010. 

Lee, Eun-Jo. Exploring L2 Writing Strategies from Socio-Cognitive Perspective: Mediated Actions, Goals, and Setting in L2 Writing. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Lee, Sang Kyo. A Study of the Effects of Two Reading Environments on L2 Readers' Strategic Behaviors Toward Unknown Words. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010. 

Liu, Yu-Hsiu. Syntactic Differences nad Foreign Language Reading Anxiety: An Investigation of Taiwanese University Students. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Monobe, Gumiko. Narratives of Identity and Culturally Relevant Practives of Japanese Descent Teachers. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Shih, Ya-ting. Taiwanese-Guoyu Bilingual Children and Adults' Sibilant Fricative Production Patterns. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.

Shima, Hiroshi. Japanese Sojourners Learning English: Language Ideologies and Identity Among Middle School Students. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Su, Liping. Language Socialization of Chinese Children in the American Midwest: Learning to Write in American Preschool, Chinese Sunday School, and at Home. Doctor of Philosopy, 2013.

Yang, Hsiao-Ching. How Well are Secondary Social Studies Teachers Prepared to Teach Global Education? Pre-Service Teacher and Faculty's Perspectievs of the Implementation of Global Education in Teacher Education Programs in Taiwan. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Yang, Hsiu-Hui. Exploring Native and Non-native English Teachers' Integrated Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Instructional Practive: A Case Study of four Teachers at a Taiwan University. Doctor of Philosophy, 2011.

Yu, Yang. Attitudes of Learners Toward English: A Case of Chinese College Students. Doctor of Philosophy, 2010.

Wu, Hsin-Chieh. Collective Responsibility, Academic Optimism, and Student Achievement in Taiwan Elementary Schools. Doctor of Philosophy, 2012.