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2021-2022 IKS Events

Academic Programming

October 1, 2022
IKS Lecture: Jonathan Kief
"Reading Seoul in Pyongyang: Rethinking Cross-Border Media Flows in 1950s-1960s Korea"

October 21, 2022
IKS Target Language Lecture: Jung Hee Lee
"Assessing the Use of Google Translate in Korean Learning"

October 29, 2022
IKS Lecture: Nam Lee
"Class Polarization and Catastrophic Imagination in Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer (2013) and Parasite (2019)"

November 3, 2022
IKS Lecture: Hyo Sang Lee
"Durative Constructions in Korean, Chinese and English from a Typological Perspective"

November 4, 2022
DEALL/ICS/IKS Lecture: Yoonhee Hong
"The “Nowness” of Myth in Korea and China Today"

November 5, 2022
IKS Lecture: Grace M. Cho
"Trauma, Memory, and the Afterlives of the Korean War"

November 9, 2022
IKS Lecture: Myung-Rae Cho
"2050 Carbon Neutrality in South Korea - A Way to the Green Transformation of Society?"

November 18, 2022
ICS/IJS/IKS Lecture: Christopher Bae
"The Peopling of East Asia: Early Prehistoric Perspectives"

January 27, 2022
IKS Career Talk: John Bolam
"How to Apply Your Knowledge of Korea to Work in the Intelligence Community"

February 15, 2022
IKS Lecture: Cheehyung Harrison Kim
"Pyongyang Modern: Architecture and Urbanism in Postwar North Korea"

March 8, 2022
IKS Lecture: Jenny Wang Medina
"Minor Concentrations: Aesthetic Particularity in Contemporary 'Korean' Literatures"

March 23, 2022
IKS Career Talk: Sahie Kang
"Korean Language Careers and the Required Level of Korean Proficiency"

March 24, 2022
IKS Lecture: Hwasoo Yeo
Building Digital Infrastructure for Korean Smart Cities: "AI Applications to Transportation Infrastructure Management and Operation"

April 13, 2022
IKS Lecture: Dafna Zur
"When Songs Don’t Work: Western Tonalities and Korean Breath in Korean Tongyo"

August 8, 2022
IKS Event: North Korean Film Screening