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The East Asian Studies Center (EASC) at The Ohio State University is a major hub and catalyst for original thought and action in the study of East Asia. With unique expertise and domestic and international partnerships, EASC continually challenges paradigms to further knowledge, increase understanding, and inspire life-long learning of East Asia and its impact on the world.




Specifically, the East Asian Studies Center:

Sparks Innovative Research and Instruction

Academics lie at the heart of everything EASC does. To promote new research opportunities and expand instructional initiatives, the East Asian Studies Center:

  • Supports a community of faculty and students in fostering and exchanging innovative ideas on East Asia
  • Organizes lecture series and conferences to share new perspectives that enrich research and curricula
  • Seeds new courses in language and area studies, enabling students to explore new areas and deepen their knowledge
  • Augments research and teaching resources to provide access to unique tools for study
  • Contributes to memberships in various academic organizations to support participation in research consortia
  • Awards Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships to encourage advanced-level language competency
  • Provides scholarships for language and disciplinary studies
  • Supports journals, as well as faculty and student publications

Forges Interdisciplinary Connections Across Fields and Regions

In today’s highly interconnected world, innovative research and instruction spans several domains and multiple disciplines. To promote an interdisciplinary network, the East Asian Studies Center:

  • Connects 75 faculty, instructors and postdoctoral researchers in 20 disciplines for increased collaborations within various fields and specializations
  • Brings together 100 graduate students from across the university specializing in East Asia
  • Administers the Interdisciplinary East Asian Studies M.A. program and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Chinese Cultural Studies
  • Brings together more than 200 East Asian faculty from around the state through the Ohio Asianists network
  • Arranges visits of researchers and scholars and supports the creation of partnerships with overseas institutions

Initiates Programs to Inspire Life-Long Learning

EASC believes that learning about China, Japan and Korea should begin at an early age and continue throughout life. Therefore, throughout Ohio and beyond, the East Asian Studies Center works with students, teachers, businesses and the community to:

  • Train elementary and secondary educators to incorporate East Asian content into their curriculum
  • Provide teaching resources on East Asia for K-12 schools and community organizations
  • Develop curricula on East Asia for community college partners
  • Seed new course offerings, offer lectures, and support conferences on East Asian themes at minority-serving institutions and community colleges
  • Organize career and professional development events, such as the Ohio-Japan Alumni Network and internship programs
  • Provide opportunities for training, testing and credentialing of foreign language skills
  • Deliver culture workshops for community groups, faculty and staff, and student groups interested in developing cultural competencies
  • Conduct seminars and host lectures for business professionals interested in opportunities in East Asia
  • Sponsor cultural events, film series, festivals, dance and musical performances and art exhibits, bringing the traditional and modern arts of East Asia directly to Ohio