2018-2019 IKS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
IKS Lecture: Hyunjoon Park, University of Pennsylvania, “Beyond Stereotypes: Understanding Japanese and Korean Education”
OCTOBER 16, 2018
IKS Lecture: B.G. Muhn, Georgetown University, “Contemporary North Korean Art”
OCTOBER 25, 2018
IKS Lecture: Mah Chonggi, “The Wind Speaks: Poetry Reading and Discussion with Mah Chonggi”
DECEMBER 3, 2018
IKS Lecture: Zachary Matusheski, The Ohio State University, “Reassessing Ike: Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Korean War”
JANUARY 18, 2019
IKS/History Lecture: David Fields, University of WisconsinMadison, “The Three Revolutions of Syngman Rhee”
JANUARY 31, 2019
IKS Lecture: Ellie Choi, Brown University, “Forgotten Memories of Korean Modernity: Yi Kwangsu’s The Heartless and New Perspectives in Colonial Alterity”
FEBRUARY 26, 2019
IKS Lecture: Seung-Ryong Kim, Han Chae, Pusan National University, “Reading Classical Literature and Its Role in Character Development”
FEBRUARY 28, 2019
IKS Lecture: Han Chae, Pusan National University, “A General Introduction to Traditional Korean Medicine”
MARCH 19, 2019
IKS Lecture: Caroline Key, “Visiting Artist Talk with Caroline Key”
MARCH 21, 2019
IKS Lecture: The Honorable Jong-kook Lee, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Chicago, “KoreaUS Relations and North Korean Nuclear Issues”
MARCH 26, 2019
IKS Lecture: John DiMoia, Seoul National University, “Interrogating ‘Security Roads’ and Transport Infrastructure: Southeast Asia and South Korea’s Formative Construction Industry, Mid-1950s-Early 1970s”
APRIL 1, 2019
IKS Lecture: Gregg Brazinsky, The George Washington University, “Empathy at War: Emotions in Sino-North Korean Relations during the Korean War”
APRIL 1, 2019
IKS Lecture: Gregg Brazinsky, “Winning the Third World: Sino-American Rivalry during the Cold War”
APRIL 2, 2019
IKS Lecture: Immanuel Kim, The George Washington University, “Weaponizing Memory: Shifts in North Korean Literature”


JUNE 7 – 8, 2018
IKS Teacher Training: “Bringing Korea into the Classroom,” Mark Peterson, Brigham Young University, Mitch Lerner, The Ohio State University, and Zach Matusheski, The Ohio State University
MARCH 26, 2019
IKS Outreach: Columbus North International High School students visit Korean language class at The Ohio State University taught by Danielle Pyun