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2018-2019 IJS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018
IJS Lecture: Richard Torrance, The Ohio State University, “The Infrastructure of the Gods: Izumo in the Yayoi and Kofun Periods”
SEPTEMBER 24, 2018
IJS Lecture/Performance: Moriyasu Ito, Atsuki Katayama, Takanaga Tsutsumi, Meiji Jingu (Tokyo, Japan), “An Introduction to Shinto and Gagaku: Japan’s Traditional Religion and Music”
OCTOBER 22, 2018
ICS/IJS-Supported Forum: Buckeye East Asian Linguistics (BEAL) Forum 3
OCTOBER 23, 2018
ICS/IJS Post-BEAL Forum Lecture: Sachiko Kiyama, Tohoku University, “What Do Neurolinguistic Experiments Tell Us about East Asian Language Uses?”
NOVEMBER 19, 2018
IJS Lecture: Ann Sherif, Oberlin College, “Democracy in Hiroshima (1945-1968): Shikoku Goro and Art as Method”
NOVEMBER 26, 2018
IJS Lecture: Motomu Ibaraki, The Ohio State University, “A Famed Tokyo Fish Market Has Relocated: Linking Science and Society”
JANUARY 28, 2019
IJS Lecture: Christopher Bolton, Williams College, “The Artificial Body in Japanese Popular Culture, From Puppet Theater to Manga and Beyond”
FEBRUARY 13, 2019
IJS Lecture: Asako Osaki, Gender Action Platform, Kwansei Gakuin University, “Women’s Empowerment in Japan: Progress, Challenges, and Ways Forward”
FEBRUARY 19, 2019
IJS Lecture: Hajime Miyazaki, The Ohio State University, with Yoshihiro Sasaki, Ai Collins and Nim Chen, Funai Service Corporation, “Innovation and Experience in Workforce Development by Small-to-Medium Size Firms in Modern Manufacturing—A Case Study of New Reverse Logistics”
FEBRUARY 22, 2019
IJS Event/Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Takatoshi Ito, Columbia University, University of Tokyo, “Abenomics: Escape from the Lost Two Decades of the Japanese Economy”
MARCH 20, 2019
IJS Lecture: Frenchy Lunning, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, “Seeking the Shojo Through an Ecology of Desire”
MARCH 28, 2019
IJS Lecture: Victoria Lee, Ohio University, “Engineering Plenty: Nutrition, Environment, and Fermentation Chemistry in Interwar Japan”
MARCH 31, 2019
IJS/JASCO Performance: Yanagiya Tozaburo III, Rakugo Performance
APRIL 11, 2019
IJS Lecture: Yulia Frumer, Johns Hopkins University, “Zen and the Robot: Engineering Uncanny Robots in Japan” 


NOVEMBER 3, 2018
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Teacher Workshop and Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ) Annual Meeting, Kasumi Yamazaki, The University of Toledo, and Noriko Fujioka-Ito, University of Cincinnati, “Exploring Technology Tools and Methods for Enhancement of Japanese Language Education in Ohio”
DECEMBER 2, 2018
IJS Event: Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered at The Ohio State University

MARCH 9, 2019
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Speech Contest Finals for Ohio High School and College Students and Career Expo

APRIL 7, 2019 
IJS Outreach: Japanese Student Organization’s Japanese Spring Festival at The Ohio State University

APRIL 14, 2019
IJS Outreach: Japanese Language Teacher Workshop and Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese (OATJ) Spring Meeting, Shinji Sato, Princeton University, “Foreign Language Learning and Community Involvement”
IJS Japan Discovery Boxes and ICS China Discovery Boxes sent to schools in Ohio