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Korea Lesson Plans (K-12 Korea Workshop)


Korean Culture & Tradition, C. Ahrens, Columbus 17

Life In Korea Today: How Different Are North and South Korea?, K. Ballmer, Columbus 17

Musical Bibimbop: From America to Korea, P. Hitchens, Columbus 17

Picasso Mural, Massacre in Korea, K. Romero Mora, Columbus 18

Gender Equality and Women’s Movements in the United States and South Korea, B. Stiles, Columbus 18

Korean Culture through Fairy Tales, D. Wright, Columbus 18



20th Century Economic Policies and the Role of the State, L. Flaherty, Columbus 17

South Korea: Economic Tiger, Shrimp Between Two Whales, J. Gibbons, Columbus 17

UN Evaluation of Korean Economic Situation, G. DeVoe, Columbus 18

South Korea and the United States- Policy, Trade, and Comparative Advantage, L. Hosgood, Columbus 18

Economic Characteristics of North and South Korea, S1, T. Sautters, Columbus 18



Human Rights in North Korea, T. Ramsey, Columbus 17

Immigration: The Answer to Labor Shortages, A. Gardner, Columbus 17

Korean Comparison WebQuest, V. Harris, Columbus 17



The Consequences of Western Imperial Policy in Asia, D. Harris, Columbus 17

The Debate over Involvement in the Korean Civil War, M. Maher, Columbus 17

Japanese Imperialism in Korea, S. Brennan, Columbus 17

Korea: A Shrimp Between Two Whales?, S. Drummond, Columbus 17

Korean Imperialism: Using the Rule of Law to Subjugate Other Peoples, K. Hilbrands, Columbus 17

The Korean WarS1, S. Thornburg, Columbus 17

US Imperialism: The USS Main and Sewol ComparisonS1S2S3S4, C. Metzger, Columbus 17

The Choson Dynasty: Yangjo & Sado, G. Benjamin, Columbus 18

Differing Perspectives of the Japanese Occupation of Korea, C. Hopple, Columbus 18

Introduction to the Korean War Using Primary Sources, L. Lashells, Columbus 18

Introduction to the Cold War, J. Mayfield, Columbus 18

The Cold War & the United States’ Reaction to North Korea’s Nuclear Program, S1, R. Mayo-White, Columbus 18

Ode to My Father: Life in Korea during the Korean War, T. Sebetich, Columbus 18

Analyzing Source Bias and Credibility-The Case of Koguryo, T. Smith, Columbus 18

Mongol Invasion of Korea, A. Stimmel, Columbus 18

Communism, Containment & Domino Theory through The Blair House Memo for ELL, S. Tuzzi, Columbus 18

Development of Democracy in South KoreaS1, W. Wyss, Columbus 18



Introduction to Korean Sijo PoetryS1, S. Chenault, Columbus 17

The Korean Cinderella, M. Harris, Columbus 17

Korean Poetry: An Introduction to Sijo, T. Fox, Columbus 17

Korean Sijo Poetry, D. Sizemore, Columbus 17

Sijo Poetry: A Hidden Art Form, S. Davis, Columbus 17

Korean Sijo and Slam Poetry, R. Cole, Columbus 18

A Single Shard Close Reading, J. DeVoe, Columbus 18

Sijo Poems and the Study of Clauses and Phrases for ELL, M. Orlowski, Columbus 18



The DPRK and the USA: An Intriguing Relationship, N. Geruntino, Columbus 17

The Korean Constitution vs. the United States Constitution, D. Helsel, Columbus 17

Problems in North Korea, L. Meyer, Columbus 17

The Second Cold War?, E. VonBerg, Columbus 17

The USA and North Korea, K. Barnhard, Columbus 17

Inside North Korea, S1, A. Cashin, Columbus 18

North and South Korea- A Conflicted Relationship, D. Foster, Columbus 18

Containment and International Politics, G. Williams, Columbus 18



Religions in South Korea throughout History, A. Leons, Columbus 17

Buddhism Korean Style, A. Ameter, Columbus 18