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2018-2019 ICS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018
ICS/History Lecture: Zheng Wang, University of Michigan, “A Socialist Feminist Revolution in the Early PRC”
SEPTEMBER 28, 2018
ICS Lecture: Carla Nappi, University of Pittsburgh, “A Song Mumbled in My Sleep: Translating a Manchu Trickster Poet”
OCTOBER 9, 2018
ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall: Kristin Stapleton, University of Buffalo, “Some Good Persons of Sichuan: A Provincial Perspective on Twentieth-Century Chinese History;” Webcast: The Honorable Condoleeza Rice, 66th US Secretary of State
OCTOBER 22, 2018
ICS/IJS-Supported Forum: Buckeye East Asian Linguistics (BEAL) Forum 3
OCTOBER 23, 2018
ICS/IJS Post-BEAL Forum Lecture: Sachiko Kiyama, Tohoku University, “What Do Neurolinguistic Experiments Tell Us about East Asian Language Uses?”
OCTOBER 26, 2018
ICS Lecture: Fei-Hsien Wang, Indiana University, “Pirates’ Law? – Toward a Social History of Copyright in Modern China”
NOVEMBER 2, 2018
ICS/Linguistics Lecture: Alan C. L. Yu, University of Chicago, “In Search for a Perception-Production Link from an Individual Difference Perspective: Two Case Studies”
NOVEMBER 9, 2018
ICS Lecture: Michel Hockx, University of Notre Dame, “Censorship, Morality, and Cultural Policy under Xi Jinping”
NOVEMBER 16, 2018
ICS Lecture: Margherita Zanasi, Louisiana State University, “Rethinking Economic Modernity: The Debate on Luxury Consumption in Qing China (1644-1911)”
NOVEMBER 28, 2018
ICS/History of Art Lecture: Michael J. Hatch, Miami University, “The Senses of Painting in China, 1790- 1840”
NOVEMBER 30, 2018
ICS Lecture: Qingben Li, Hangzhou Normal University, “A Circle Model of Cultural Exchanges between China and the West, the Case of The Orphan of Zhao”
JANUARY 25, 2019
ICS Lecture: Qinghua Sun, The Ohio State University, “Air Pollution on Human Health: A Global Challenge and the Advancement in China”
FEBRUARY 1, 2019
ICS Lecture: Jianfeng Cai, Fujian Normal University, “Pedagogical Grammar Found in 18th and 19th Century Western Chinese Teaching Materials”
FEBRUARY 8, 2019
ICS-Supported Conference: “Economic Nationalism & Trade”
FEBRUARY 22, 2019
ICS-OCAPA Lecture: David Der-wei Wang, Harvard University, “Why Fiction Matters in Contemporary China?”
MARCH 1, 2019
GREALL/ICS Lecture: Wendy Swartz, Rutgers University, “Theory of Literary Creativity in Early Medieval China”
MARCH 7, 2019
ICS Graduate Forum: “New Perspectives on Literary, Theatrical, and Visual Cultures in Sinophone Contexts”
MARCH 8, 2019
ICS Lecture: Hsin-I Sydney Yueh, Northeastern State University, “Understanding Taiwanese Culture through the Native Term Sajiao”
MARCH 29, 2019
ICS/History Lecture: Aminda Smith, Michigan State University, “The True Story of Li Shunda: Thinking Like a Maoist in the Early People’s Republic of China”
APRIL 5, 2019
ICS Lecture: Peng Xu, Swarthmore College, “The Brothel as a Stage: On Theatrical Space in Late SixteenthCentury China”
APRIL 12, 2019
ICS Lecture: Xin Shang, Shanghai Maritime University, “Problems in Applying Contrastive Analysis to Translation and Ways Out: A Perspective from Chinese and English in Contrast”
APRIL 18, 2019
ICS Dissertation Forum: “Life After Candidacy: How to Optimize Chances for Professional Success in Academia”


NOVEMBER 23, 2018 – JANUARY 6, 2019
ICS Outreach: Dragon Lights Festival at Ohio Expo Center
IJS Japan Discovery Boxes and ICS China Discovery Boxes sent to schools in Ohio