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2019-2020 ICS Events

Academic Programming

ICS Lecture: Clarissa von Spee, Cleveland Museum of Art,
“Exhibiting Explosive Stuff – Contemporary Artist Cai Guo-Qiang and the Cuyahoga River Fire”

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
ICS Lecture: Ying Zhang, The Ohio State University,
“Creative Environment, Creative Prisoners: Life in Confinement in the Ming”

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019
ICS Lecture: Jennifer Turner, China Environment Forum,
“Can China Become the World’s Green Leader?”

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
ICS Workshop: Rian Thum, Loyola University New Orleans,
“Borderlands, Minorities, and Alternative Archives”

SEPTEMBER 27, 2019
ICS Lecture: Zhaojin Zeng, University of Pittsburgh,
“Rethinking Nationalization: The Destruction and Survival of China’s Family Capitalism, 1950-1980”

OCTOBER 4, 2019
ICS Critical Film Screening: Crazy Rich Asians,
Discussion by Meow Hui Goh, Namiko Kunimoto, Morgan Liu, and Ying Zhang

OCTOBER 14, 2019
Dance/ICS Lecture: Emily Wilcox, University of Michigan,
“Revolutionary Bodies: Chinese Dance and the Socialist Legacy”

OCTOBER 18, 2019
ICS Lecture: Ronald Egan, Stanford University,
“Su Dongpo’s Artistic Expression in Multiple Genres and Forms”

NOVEMBER 1, 2019
ICS Lecture: Erik Mueggler, University of Michigan,
“Rewriting Bondage: Literacy and Slavery in a Qing Native Doman, Southwest China”

NOVEMBER 7, 2019
History/ICS Lecture: Nan Enstad, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
“The Jim Crow Cigarette in China: An Intimate History of Corporate Imperialism”

NOVEMBER 8, 2019
ICS Lecture: Xin Conan-Wu, College of William and Mary,
“The Reminiscence of ‘Home Mountain’: Place-Making as an Art”

NOVEMBER 15, 2019
ICS Lecture: Mi Zhao, The Ohio State University Visiting Scholar,
“Revolutions in Memory: Singing Girls and China’s Socialist Transformation”

JANUARY 9, 2020
DEALL/ICS Lecture: Min Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
“The Postverbal Constraint across Chinese Dialects”

JANUARY 31, 2020
ICS Brown Bag Workshop: Wenbo Chang and Patricia Sieber, Georgia Institute of Technology and The Ohio State University,
“How to Work with Literary Texts from the Yuan Dynasty”

FEBRUARY 7, 2020
ICS-OCAPA Lecture: Michael Nylan, University of California Berkley,
“The Pleasure Potential and its Political Dimensions”

FEBRUARY 25, 2020
EASC-ICS Teacher Training Workshop: Mike Bierschenk, The Ohio State University,
“Introduction to Online Teaching in East Asian Studies”