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Architecture of China: A Web-based Search, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04
Chang’an vs. Washington DC, Matthew Yingling, Columbus 11
China/Kites, Mary Phillis-Hart, Athens 10
China Rocks! Chinese Calligraphy on Stone, Una King, Wooster 07
Chinese Art: Botanical Motifs, Greg Walton, Columbus 04
Chinese Dragons, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07
Chinese Dragons, Kim Aritonovich, Delaware 13
Chinese Knotting, Bethany Boyd, Columbus 11
Chinese Landscape Scrolls, Kathleen Fuller, Granville 09
Chinese Paper Cuts, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04
Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04
Cultural Place-setting Still life – Advanced Art, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05
Dragons, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05
Dragons of China, Shari Densel, Toledo 07
Gung Hay Fat Choy / The Chinese New Year, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05
Homemade Chinese Paper, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07
Landscape Painting with Scroll Format, Barbara Porter, Delaware 13
Hua Mu Lan, Jill Davis, Oxford 09
Song Dynasty Traditional Landscape Paintings, Rebecca Pope, Columbus04
Symbology, and Ideograms, Jennifer Evans Kinsley, Delaware 13
The Tang Poets and Landscape Art, Jamie Foley , Columbus 06
Epic Poetry, Greogory Booth, Granville 09

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, Alexandros Thanos, Columbus 11
Are Yao Going My Way? Chinese Basketball Geography, Ryan Ryzner, Cleveland 12
Celebrating Chinese New Year, Loretta Gray, Cleveland 12
China: Land of Dragons and Emperors, Donna Shurr, Oberlin 10
China’s Culture and Lifestyle, Dale Foster, Columbus 17
Chinese Culture, Traditions and Family Life, Thomas Trang, Columbus 17
China’s Customs, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04
Chinese and American Culture: Kong Yiji, Leslie Hosgood, Columbus 17
Chinese Food: A Cultural Lesson Plan, Ann Matney, Toledo 07
Chinese and Greek Mythology, Joseph Schmall, Columbus 17
Chinese Minority Cultures Literature Review, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04
The Chinese Monitor, Neal Myers, Columbus 17
Chinese Mythology, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06
Chinese New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05
Chinese New Year, Carrie Bray & Penelope Harris, Oxford 09
Chinese New Year, E. Mark Kreps, Delaware 13
Chinese Silkworms: Sericulture, Kim Depue, Marietta 08
Chinese Zodiac, Harry Gao, Columbus 06
Chinese Zodiac , Charlee Raddish, Akron 08
The Cultural Practice of Foot Binding, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07
Culture Sharing: History, Politics, Government, Barbara Wookey , Columbus 06
Feng Shui for the Budding Interior Decorator, Deborah Robinson , Columbus 06
The Festival of the Mid-Autumn Moon, Cynthia Richards, Akron 08
Integrating Chinese Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06
Kites, Carol Ann Clark, Marietta 08
Learning About China, Lesa McDaniel, Athens 10
New Year Celebrations in China (Chun Jie), Yi Zhang, Columbus 06
Red Scarf Girl, Matthew Russ, Akron 08
Sports in China, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07
Symbolism in China’s Material Goods, Carol Roger, Wooster 07
Tai Chi, Barbara McCullough, Marietta 08
Traditional Holidays in China and the World, Grovine Buffington, Cleveland 12
Women in China, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04

China and Normal Trade Relations with the U.S. , Jeff Smith, Wooster 07
China’s Economic Development & Teaching Resource, Yang Zhang, Columbus 21
China in the Global Economy, Susan Beck, Athens 10
Chinese Development, Chad Flaig, Cincinnati 06
Chinese Economic Experiment, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06
Economic Development in China, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07
Economic System Critique Using “China Rises”, Nick Geruntino, Columbus 11
The Future of China’s Economic System, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07
Trade Tariffs: Threatening the Chinese Export Machine, Jack Gibbons, Columbus 16

Asian Studies Unit: China, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04
Asian World Powers Unit: China, Ellen Miller, Granville 09
China is Unique, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04
Chinese Contributions to the World, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06
Chinese Inventions, Alaric Harris, Cincinnati 06
Chinese Research Project, Gary Fitchpatrick, Cleveland 12
Chinese Zodiac, Mary Hughes Bachelor, Delaware 13
Education Equity, Samantha Davis, Columbus 17
General Unit on China, Edward Radcliffe, Marietta 08
Journey to Tibet, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04
My Tangram Animals & Teaching Tool, Mei-Lin Wang, Columbus 21
Organic Chinese Food, Marjorie Langston, Columbus 17
Perspectives on China, Theodore Wilson III, Oberlin 10
State Capacity: Comparing the United States & China, Frank Casey, Oberlin 10
Taiwan modernization and Powerpoint, Holly Branch, Columbus 20
Three Gorges Dam documentary, Edward Sope, Granville 09

China’s Grand Canal, Sharon Drummond, Columbus 11
China’s Influence in the ancient World: Cultural Diffusion along the Silk Road and Globalization Past and Present, Elizabeth Bank, Columbus 16
China-The Effect of European Imperialism/Geography & Attachment, Eric C. VonBerg, Columbus 17
China’s River Valleys, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04
Chinese Civilization in Relation to Geography, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05
Chinese Rivers, Christine Cavalier, Marietta 08
Debating the Three Gorges Dam Project, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04
Five Themes of Geography, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04
A General Understanding of China’s Geography, Culture, and History, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05
Geography of China, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05
Geography of China, Betsy Beaver, Delaware 13
The Geography of European Imperialism: Spheres of Influence in China, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07
The Geography of Mainland China, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04
Growing, Growing, Gone, Pamela Thompson, Oberlin 10
Hong Kong vs. Shanghai, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04
Pearl River Delta: A Documentary, Ed Rebmann, Columbus 11
Physical Geography of China, David Parish, Wooster 07
Rural- Urban Migration, Jeanne Bolton, Columbus 16
The Silk Road, Mat Dunham, Columbus 11
The Yangtze River: Lifeline of China, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04
The Yellow River: China Comes to Life, Kerry Dugan, Oxford 09

Ancient China, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05
Ancient Chinese Inventions and the Modern World, Heidi Blue, Akron 08
The Boxer Rebellion in China , Joe Serio, Akron 08
Character Education and Confucius, Laurie Marks, Oxford 09
China and the Modern World, Bryan Evans, Oberlin 10
China and the Silk Road, Mary L. Kelley , Cincinnati 06
China Before and After Mao, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04
China’s Long March, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04
China, the Gold Rush, and Life Afterward, Lori Dhiraprasiddhi, Granville 09
Chinese Communist Revolution, Marc Montella, Granville 09
Chinese Modernization, Charles Martindell, Delaware 13
The Chinese Cultural Revolution, Whitney Burris, Columbus 11
Chinese Dynasties & Mongol Invasions, Amy Netter, Toledo 05
Chinese State Formation: From the Qin to the Song & Teaching Resource, Lisa Baughman
Chinese Industrialization and Environmental Restrictions, Rachel Marten, Athens 10
Chinese Inventions/ Achievements, Jessica Burchett, Oberlin 10
Chinese Inventions & Their Impact on Today’s Technology, Kymn Bennett, Oxford 09
Chinese Propaganda During the Cultural Revolution, Russell Lammermeier, Cleveland 12
Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule, Anne O’Leary, Toledo 05
Commissioner Lin’s Letter to Queen Victoria, Lindsey Ritscher, Marietta 08
Contributions of Chinese Dynasties, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05
Cultural Revolution: “Reality vs. Government Claims, Amanda Ahrens, Cleveland 12
Dynasties of Feudal China, Matt Daugherty, Columbus 16
End of Qing Dynasty – focusing on Empress Dowager Cixi, Jessica Parker, Columbus 11
Evaluating the Open Door Policy in China, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04
Global Impact of World War I: China, Charles Bell, Wooster 07
How China Rebuilds After World War II , Tammie Ray, Akron 08
Imperialism: the Boxer Rebellion, Don Haven, Granville 09
Imperialism/Sino Evil Enter the Door, Kyle McDowell, Delaware 13
Influence of Confucius on Chinese Society, Mary Kay Ryan, Oberlin 10
Intro to Modern Chinese History & Teaching Resource, Sammi Zhao, Columbus 21
The Great Wall of China, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04
Japanese Abuse of Chinese Civilians and POWs during World War II , Karissa Piper, Akron 08
Legacies of China, Mary Anne Kinzly, Oberlin 10
Life during the Great Leap Forward & Teaching Resource, Molly Long, Columbus 21
Mao and the Great Leap Forward, Brent Martin, Granville 09
Ming Dynasty, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05
Mongul Invasion and Ming Dynasty, Suzanne Ford, Columbus 17
Mongols Invade Japan & Teaching Resource, Amy McKibben, Columbus 21
The Mongol Invasion of China and the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Barbara Huntwork, Delaware 13
The Nanking Massacre , Cassandra McGuyrt, Akron 08
The Opium Trade, the Opium War, and the Treaty of Nanjing, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07
The Opium Wars, Jeff Kho, Cleveland 12
Photographic Evidence of the Nanking Massacre and Deniers , Karissa Piper, Akron 08
The Rape of Nanking/ The Holocaust, Marie Ternes, Oberlin 10
Red Scarf Girl: The Cultural Revolution, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05
The Republican Revolution of 1911, Ralph Salzer, Columbus 04
Revolution in China and the Fall of Imperialism, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07
Scientific and Cultural Advancements of Early China, Virginia Ressa , Columbus 06
Shang Dynasty and the Invention of Writing, Kathleen Allan, Oxford 09
Silk Road Simulation – How was Asia impacted by Europe and vice versa? and Attachments, Andy Lyon, Columbus 20
The Silk Road, Jona Hall, Marietta 08
Silkworms Spinning Their Way into History, Beth MacLehose , Columbus 06
State Dominance: Reinventing Identity, Rose Remmel, Akron 08
The Silk Road and the Crusades, Jenny Sage, Granville 09
The Technology in China Pre-17th Century, James Swift, Cincinnati 06
The U.S. and the Boxer Rebellion in Cartoons, Kevin Barnhard, Columbus 17
Understanding History through Oracle Bone Study, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04
A Unique Political History, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05
The Use of Propaganda Posters to further the Goals of the CCP in its First Years of Rule in China, Lynn Pangrace, Cleveland 12
Web Quest on China’s Dynasties, Carla Fletcher, Akron 08
The Western Experience in China: 20th Century Witnesses, Tamula Drumm, Cleveland 12
What Did Confucius Say?, Lesa Bame, Oxford 09
Which Chinese Dynasty was better, Song or Ming? , Lynn Swaney, Columbus 17
World War II: Once Upon a Time, Erin Brickwood, Akron 08

Barnga and the Chinese Language, Jenny Sage, Granville 09
Chinese Calligraphy, April Thompson, Columbus 17
Chinese Characters: Our Names in Chinese, Telisha LeFloria, Akron 08
Parish-Chinese Language, David Parish, Wooster 07
Learning Chinese Language, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04
Teacher Appreciation Day, Shu Hui Lin, Columbus 20
Using hieroglyphs and Chinese ink painting to learn Chinese radicals & Teaching Resource, Jingyi Zheng

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Deborah Robinson, Columbus 06
Chinese Cinderella, Shanaka Horner, Marietta 08
Chinese Literature, Mary Wryst, Athens 10
Comparing Epic Literature of the East and West, Corinne Full, Marietta 08
Cultural Revolution, Amanda Lucero, Delaware 13
Culture & Young Adult Literature, Barbara McBrady, Cincinnati 06
Day of the Dragon King, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07
Dragonwings by Laurence Yep, Lydia Cardona, Oberlin 10
Judge Dee at Work by Robert van Gulik, Bernadette Sedor, Oberlin 10
Literature and Liberation–The Power of Literature, Emily Shrestha, Cleveland 12
A Little Chinese Seamstress, KaSandra Emler, Columbus 11
Lon Po Po, a Chinese Little Red Riding Hood, Edith Swank, Wooster 07
Lu Xun’s Preface and “Diary of a Madman“, Susan Coffman, Columbus 04
Mulan and The Female Hero, Tara Fox, Columbus 16
Shadow Puppets: A Chinese Tradition, Jennifer Hendricks, Marietta 08
Tao Te Ching, Diana Carr, Delaware 13
Telling Stories with Tangrams & Teaching Resource, Joyce Suter, Columbus 21
The Teaching of Mulan, Kathy Ward, Columbus 16
Two Kinds Draudt-China Debb Draudt, Oberlin 10
Using T’ang Poetry to Capture a Moment, Sara Beardsley, Marietta 08
What Will I Do?, Casey Matthews, Cleveland 12

The Abacus: A Different Type of Calculator, Heidi Blue, Akron 08
Geometry and Language, Cheng-Chin (Rhoda) Weston, Columbus 21
The History and Use of the Abacus, Christine Little, Marietta 08
The Long March: Finding Mathematical Equivalences, Charlee Raddish, Akron 08
Math and Chinese & Teaching Resource, Cheng-Chin (Rhoda) Weston, Columbus 21

Among the Hidden: China’s One Child Policy, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04
China and Communism, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04
China’s Constitution vs the United States’ Constitution, Doug Helsel, Columbus 17
China: Transition and Effects, Allison Hebeler, Oxford 09
Chinese Government: From Empire to Republic to Communism, Jenny Sage, Granville 09
Consent of the Governed: A Look at the Mandate of Heaven & Social Contract Theory, Kathryn Benken, Oxford 09
A Constitutional Comparison, Lindsey VanFossen, Columbus 16
Examining China’s One Child Policy, Sean Brennan, Cleveland 12
The Future of China-U.S. Relations, Greg Milo, Akron 08
The Future of Two Chinas, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06
The Great Leap Forward, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06
How have the events on Tiananmen Square in 1989 shaped Chinese Politics and Society?, Regina Feldman, Cleveland 12
Influence of Classic Chinese Philosophy on China’s Leadership Today, John Day, Columbus 16
Is China a Threat to the U.S.? , Dean, Cincinnati 06
Is China Still Communist?, Jeffrey Stafford, Columbus 17
Newscasts from Tiananmen Square, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04

Resistance and Attachment, Jennifer LaPlace, Columbus 20
The Communist Revolutions: Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin, Macey Berkley, Columbus 20
Tiananmen Square, Brian Buck, Toledo 05
Tiananmen Square (Democracy and Dictatorships), Chris Baughman, Athens 10

American Transcendentalism & Buddhism: Cross-cultural Relationships, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05
Ancient Doctrines of China: Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Legalism, Molly Krist, Akron 08
Chinese Philosophies, Rita Limbert, Columbus 16
Chinese Philosophies and Religion, Christopher W. Miller, Columbus 16
Chinese Philosophy and Religion Fair, Joe Kennedy, Oxford 09
Chinese Religions, Carolyn Willis, Columbus 16
Confucianism, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06
Confucianism and PBIS, William Hilt, Columbus 20
Confucius, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04
Confucius & Confucianism, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05
Confucius and His Teachings, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05
Confucius Sayings for Today & Teaching Resource, Megan Kuns, Columbus 21
Confucius’ Teachings & Teaching Resource, Maan Broadstock, Columbus 21
Confucius in China and Powerpoint, Holly Branch, Columbus 19
Confucius Philosophy and Understanding: Is There Relevance for Today’s Students?, Mike Swank, Akron 08
East Meets West: Parallel Beliefs – Confucianism and Christianity, Patricia Hitchens, Columbus 19
Exploring the Daoist worldview, David Fawcett, Columbus 06
How did Confucianism establish order for Chinese society?, Stephanie Hagan, Columbus 20
Introduction to Chinese Religions, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07
Introduction to Confucianism, Danielle Filas, Delaware 13
Introduction to Confucianism and Daoism in Relation to Government,  Drew Sraver, Columbus 19
Learning about Zen through Enso Circle, Qiuhui Li, Columbus 20
Sanjiao: The Three Teachings (Confucianism, Daoism, & Buddhism), Jeanemer Catane, Columbus 20
Shaolin Monastery: Philosophy, Teachings, & School, Jan Wagoner, Oxford 09
Spread of Buddhism, Anita Russ, Cleveland 05
Taoism, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04
What Would Confucius Do?, Jeff Gottke, Columbus 11
Will the “Real” Buddha, Please Stand Up?, Laurel Fitch, Columbus 16
Zhou Dynasty Philosophies, Ralph King, Columbus 04

Using Tangrams to Teach the Scientific Method & Attachment & Teaching Tool, Megan Chapman, Columbus 21