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2020-2021 IJS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
IJS Lecture: Ann Marie Davis, The Ohio State University, “Remote Research and Teaching: Japanese E-Resources at OSU Libraries”

OCTOBER 1, 2020
IJS Lecture: Levi McLaughlin, North Carolina State University, “Discipleship through Classical Music in a Japanese Religion: Beethoven, Buddhism, and Youth Cultivation in Soka Gakkai”

OCTOBER 15, 2020
IJS Lecture: Ulrike Schaede, University of California, San Diego, “Why Japan Matters: Business Reinvention and Technology Leadership in the Digital Economy”

OCTOBER 23, 2020
IJS Target Language Lecture: Chieri Kubota, The Ohio State University, “Producing ‘Oishii’ Vegetables Using Hydroponics under Controlled Environment”

OCTOBER 28, 2020
IJS Lecture: Reginald Jackson, University of Michigan, “Staging Enslavement: Gestural Economies and the Question of Personhood in Medieval Japanese Performance”

NOVEMBER 4, 2020
Area Studies Global Comics Lecture: Frederik Schodt, “The Four Immigrants Manga: How a Japanese Fine Artist Leapt Across Cultures with a Comic Book, in 1931”

NOVEMBER 12, 2020
IJS Lecture: Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci, Koç University, “The Eugenic Protection Law and the Promotion of Eugenic Marriages in Postwar Japan”

NOVEMBER 19, 2020
IJS Target-Language Lecture: Chie Schuller, “How to Work as a Japanese Professional”

JANUARY 29, 2021
IJS Lecture: Rakugo with Yanagiya Tozaburo

JANUARY 29, 2021
IJS Performance: Rakugo with Yanagiya Tozaburo

FEBRUARY 1, 2021
IJS/Musicology Lecture: Marié Abe, Boston University, “Hired to be Overheard: Resonances of Chindon-ya on the Streets of Osaka”

FEBRUARY 22, 2021
IJS/Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Christina Davis, Harvard University, “The Challenge of Global Governance and Japan’s Role”

MARCH 11, 2021
IJS Target Language Lecture: Naoko Kudo, “Palliative Care”

MARCH 15, 2021
IJS Lecture: Kate McDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Foot Work: The Labor of Innovation in Japan’s ‘Transportation Society’”

MARCH 26, 2021
IJS Lecture: Charles Stevens, Lehigh University, “Business and Economics in Japan in the Reiwa Era: Current Trends and Future Directions”

APRIL 14, 2021
IJS Lecture: Jack Stoneman, Brigham Young University, “Saigyo: Poet and Sorcerer”

APRIL 18, 2021
EASC/Multicultural Center Film Screening: Minari

MAY 24–28, 2021
Virtual Workshop: “The Practice of Japanese Literary Translation”