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2022-2023 IJS Events

Academic Programming

September 6, 2022
IJS Lecture: Tetsuo Harada
"Speaking Proficiency and Phonetic Ability of Children in a Japanese/English Two-way Immersion Program in the US"

October 4, 2022
IJS Lecture: Adam Liff
"The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Taiwan"

October 18, 2022
IJS Lecture: Shoko Hamano
"From Pan ‘Bang’ to Kitto ‘Surely’: Mimetic Expressions in Japanese (and Korean)"

November 17, 2022
IJS Lecture: Gennifer Weisenfeld
"Aviation and Japan's Aerial Imaginary"

December 2, 2022
IJS Event: Yanagiya Tozaburo
A Night of RAKUGO Storytelling

February 24, 2023
IJS 2023 Brad Richardson Memorial Lecture: Shigehisa Kuriyama
"Happiness in Ordinary Places: Lessons from Edo Japan"

March 3, 2023
IJS Virtual Lecture: Deborah Shamoon
"Approaches to Manga Studies and Comics Studies"

April 10, 2023
IJS Virtual Lecture: Shoichi Iwasaki
"Multiple Grammar Model"