2020-2021 IKS Events

Academic Programming

OCTOBER 14, 2020
OIA/EASC/IKS Lecture: Pil Ho Kim and Wonseok Lee, The Ohio State University, “Popular Music and Social Activism Between South Korea and the US: From Civil Rights Protest Songs to K-Pop and Black Lives Matter”

OCTOBER 20, 2020
IKS Lecture: Bruce Fulton, University of British Columbia, “Trauma in Pak Wanso’s “Puch’onim kunch’o” (In the Realm of the Buddha)”

NOVEMBER 5, 2020
IKS Lecture: Hyoun Hwa Kang, Yonsei University, “Korean Culture Embedded in the Language”

NOVEMBER 9, 2020
Musicology/EASC/IKS Lecture: Pil Ho Kim, The Ohio State University, “Industrial Hip Hop against Hip Hop Industry: The Critical Noise of XXX”

NOVEMBER 18, 2020
IKS Lecture: Sooa Im McCormick, Cleveland Museum of Art, “Gender and Socio-Economic Diversity in Korean Embroidery of the Joseon Period (1392–1910)”

NOVEMBER 24, 2020
IKS Lecture: Ji-yoon An, Universität Tübingen, “Whose Accent? Situating Korean Diasporic Cinema”

FEBRUARY 3, 2021
IKS/Mershon Center Lecture: Robert Kelly, Pusan National University, “The Trump Administration’s Nuclear Negotiations with North Korea”

FEBRUARY 17, 2021
IKS Lecture: Young-mee Yu Cho, Rutgers University, “Korean Songs: From Sijo to K-Pop”

MARCH 4, 2021
IKS Lecture: Ross King, University of British Columbia, “Cosmopolitan and Vernacular in the Sinographic Cosmopolis and Beyond: Traditional East Asian Literary Cultures in Global Perspective”

APRIL 8, 2021
IKS Lecture: Eun Kyong Shin, Korea University, “Social Orchestration of the Infodemic: In Search of an Exit of K-COVID-19”

APRIL 14, 2021
Mershon Center/EASC Event: “Divided America, Divided Korea: US–Korean Relations During and After the Trump Years”