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2015-2016 IKS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
IKS Lecture: Roh Sangrae, Yeungnam University, “Korean Writers in Search of Identity During the Japanese Invasion: A Case Study of Jang Hyeok-joo”
SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
IJS/IKS Lecture: Scott Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations, “The Japan-South Korea Identity Clash: East Asian Security and the United States"
OCTOBER 1, 2015
IKS Lecture: Robert Fouser, “Rebuilding a Hanok in Seoul: A Personal Story”
OCTOBER 20, 2015
IKS Lecture: Sarah Snyder, American University, “A Little More Dictatorship: Balancing Anti-communism and Human Rights in South Korea”
NOVEMBER 5, 2015
IKS Lecture/Performance: Kim Tae Hoon, National Gugak Center, “Korean Mask Dance Drama Workshop”
NOVEMBER 17, 2015
IKS Film Screening: “Comrade Kim Goes Flying” with Nick Bonner, director
DECEMBER 7, 2015
IKS Lecture: Todd Henry, University of California, San Diego, “The Profit of Queerness: Tabloid Journalism and the Precarious Bonds of Female Homoeroticism in Authoritarian South Korea”
FEBRUARY 11, 2016
IKS Lecture: Ji-Eun Lee, Washington University in St. Louis, “Na Hye-seok and Samcheolli: Gender and Travel in a Colonial Korean Magazine”
FEBRUARY 18, 2016
IKS Lecture: Mike Chinoy, CNN, “Going Critical: North Korea’s Bomb and Asian Security”
APRIL 1, 8, 15, 2016
IKS Film Series: “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” “3-Iron,” “The Housemaid”
MAY 10-11, 2016
EASC/ICS/IJS/IKS/DEALL Workshop: “East Asian Book History Workshop”


JULY 5 - 11, 2015
IKS Teacher Seminar: “The Early Cold War,” sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Institute, Mitchell Lerner, The Ohio State University
SEPTEMBER 26, 2015
IKS Performance and Culture Workshop at Camp Korica, Chan Park and Danielle Pyun, The Ohio State University
OCTOBER 19, 2015
EASC/IKS Outreach Lecture at Columbus State Community College, Sarah Snyder, American University, “The Road to Tiananmen: The Cold War and the Struggle for Human Rights”