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2021-2022 ICS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021
ICS Lecture: Austin Dean,
"China and the End of Global Silver, 1873-1937"

OCTOBER 22, 2021
ICS Lecture: Fan Yang
"Rethinking Sino-U.S. Politics through Chimerican Media: Rising China and the Transpacific Turns"

NOVEMBER 4, 2021
DEALL/ICS/IKS Lecture: Yoonhee Hong
"The 'Nowness' of Myth in Korea and China Today"

NOVEMBER 12, 2021
ICS Lecture: Amanda Respess
"Cargo as Archive: Shipwreck Case Studies in the Nanhai Trade"

NOVEMBER 15, 2021
ICS Lecture: Jerome L. Packard
"Cognitive Processing of Chinese Writing"

NOVEMBER 18, 2021
ICS/IJS/IKS Lecture: Christopher Bae
"The Peopling of East Asia: Early Prehistoric Perspectives"

JANUARY 21, 2022
ICS Lecture: Michael Berry
"Translation Diary: Disinformation Campaigns, US-China Relations, and COVID19"

FEBRUARY 9, 2022
ICS Online Workshop: Gender and Regional Representation of Southwest China 

FEBRUARY 18, 2022
ICS Lecture: Ian Miller
"Taming the Mountains and Marshes: Non-Agrarian Landscapes in China's Early Modern Transition"

FEBRUARY 23, 2022
ICS Lecture: Julia Keblinska
“Genres of Crisis: Cinema at the Brink of Postsocialism”

APRIL 15, 2022
ICS Lecture: Yuanchong Wang
"Calendar, Revolution, and State-Building in Post-1949 China"

APRIL 20, 2022
ICS Online Workshop: Methods of Studying India and China