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Altered Books: A Self-Portrait, Shari Densel, Toledo 07
Architectural Styles in Korea, Ralph King, Columbus 04
The Celadon Glazes of Korea, Patricia Banas, Columbus 04
Contemporary Korean Collage, Pamela McDowell, Columbus 04
Contemporary Korean Collage, Mary Phillis-Hart, Athens 10
Korean Brush Painting, Kim Aritonovich, Delaware 13
Korean Celadon, Laurie Marks, Oxford 09
Korean Folk Paintings: The Symbolic Tiger, Jill Hurley, Columbus 04
Landscape painting in the style of An Gyeon, Barbara Porter, Delaware 13
Roof Tiles in Korean Architecture, Greg Walton, Columbus 04
Self Portrait – Advanced Art, Shelley Harvan, Cleveland 05
The World of the Play, Jetta Ries Fete, Oberlin 10

1988 Seoul Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, Alexandros Thanos, Columbus 11
Coming of Age Readings: Experiences in Korea & by Asians in America, Loraine Hammack, Cleveland 05
Cultural Lesson on Korea, Jessica Burchett, Oberlin 10
Culture, Michelle Mrakovich, Cleveland 05
Culture Sharing: Geography, Climate, Symbols, Barbara Wookey, Columbus 06
Globalization–The Power of One World, Emily Shrestha, Cleveland 12
Globalization–“The World is Flat?”, Amanda Ahrens, Cleveland 12
The Growing Influence of S. Korean Pop Culture, Tamula Drumm, Cleveland 12
Homemade Hanbok Dolls, Erin Santangelo, Toledo 07
Imaginary Trip to Korea, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07
The Influence of KPOP Music in East Asia, Megan Hsiao, Columbus 20
Integrating Korean Dance into Social Studies and Humanities Curriculum, Loren Bucek, Columbus 06
Introduction to Taekwondo, Kathleen Fuller, Granville 09
Kimchee, Bonnie Shiplet, Columbus 04
Kimchi and Korea, Sara Beardsley, Marietta 08
K-Pop and what it tells me about Korea, Jennifer Evans Kinsley, Delaware 13
Korean Cultural Development under the Influence of China & Japan, Toni Foltz, Toledo 05
Korean Culture, Melinda Jurus, Columbus 04
Korean Etiquette and Customs, Neal Myers, Columbus 17
Korean Fans, Mindy Wolfe, Marietta 08
Korean Film: An Introduction, Ed Rebmann, Columbus 11
Korean Foods, Brian Buck, Toledo 05
Korean Foods and Customs, Loretta Gray, Cleveland 12
Korean Holiday Calendar, Andrea Dumolt, Columbus 04
Korean Kite Festival, Mary Hughes Bachelor, Delaware 13
Korea Lunar New Year, Hong Zhu, Toledo 05
Korean Pop Culture: K-Pop: More Than Just ” Gangnam Style”, Diana Carr, Delaware 13
Korean Road Trip, Linnet Knight, Columbus 04
Korean Table Manners, David Parish, Wooster 07
Korea vs. Korea: The Cultural Divide, Carrie Bray & Penelope Harris, Oxford 09
Koryo Dynasty Ceramics, Rebecca Pope, Columbus 04
Learning About Korea, Lesa McDaniel, Athens 10
Lessons in Loss: Year of Impossible Goodbyess, Carol Roger, Wooster 07
New Year Celebrations in Korea, Yi Zhang, Columbus 06
Organic Korean Food, Marjorie Langston, Columbus 17
The Seven Wonders of the Republic of Korea, Rose Schlosser, Columbus 04
A Single Shard, Matthew Russ, Akron 08
Stereotypes and Misrepresentations of Korea, Barbara McCullough, Marietta 08
United States and North Korea: Comparing Values
Vegetable Civilization, Rhoda Erdman, Cleveland 05
Will the Real Korea Please Stand Up?, Joe Kennedy, Oxford 09
Women in Korea: A Timeline of Changing Status, Samantha Davis, Columbus 17
Yut: A Traditional Korean Game, Leslie Burnham, Toledo 07
Yut: A Traditional Korean Game, Carol Ann Clark, Marietta 08

Comparison of Energy Production/Consumption in East Asia and the US, Kymn Bennett, Oxford 09
How Well Do You Know Your Cell?, Pamela Thompson, Oberlin 10
Korean Chaebols, Christine Cavalier, Marietta 08
Korean Economic Development, Chad Flaig , Cincinnati 06
The Material World: Comparing/Contrasting Standard of Living in Korea and the U.S, Kim Depue, Marietta 08

Korea: Education on Both Sides of the DMZ, Sharon Drummond, Columbus 11

Amazing Race, Susan Stroh & Linda Glave, Toledo 05
Asian Studies Unit: Korea, Ellen Miller and Natalie Mroz, Columbus 04
Asian World Powers Unit: Koreaa, Ellen Miller, Granville 09
Bullet Trains in Japan and Korea, Jan Wagoner, Oxford 09
Introduction to Korea, Susan Mendenhall, Wooster 07
Introduction to Korea, Barbara Huntwork, Delaware 13
Introduction to Korea, Rita Limbert, Columbus 16
Korean Culture, Grovine Buffington, Cleveland 12
Korean Language, Culture, & History, Hui-Ling Haldeman, Cleveland 05
Korean Show and Tell & Teaching Resource, Ann Schumacher, Columbus 21
Lost Inside My Own Skin: A Korean Women’s American Adoption, Kerry Dugan, Oxford 09
Perspectives on Korea, Theodore Wilson III, Oberlin 10
“Selling Seoul”, Bobbie Mucha, Columbus 06
South Korea, Lori Nickel, Columbus 04
Travel to South Korea, Carla Fletcher, Akron 08
Unique Aspects of Korea, James Swift, Cincinnati 06
What is the “Lineage” of South Korea after all?: Most Wired “Ancient” in Asia, Lesa Bame, Oxford 09
When My Name Was Keoko, Rebecca Volkmann, Columbus 04

Cities of South Korea, Candee Hurt, Oberlin 10
Comparing and Contrasting North and South Korea, Molly Krist, Akron 08
Data Comparison & Interpretation: North Korea, South Korea, and the United States, Mona Al-Hayani, Toledo 07
Geography of Korea, Maryann Harris, Cleveland 05
How did Japanese Occupation impact Korea in comparison to Taiwan?, Regina Feldman, Cleveland 12
How did the geographic location and landform of Korea affect the development of the country?, Lynn Swaney, Columbus 17
How Do You Get to Korea?, Amy Netter, Toledo 05
I Can’t Keep Up With Choo: Korean Baseball and Geography, Ryan Ryzner, Cleveland 12
Korea-Split in 2, but portrayed through UNESCO/Geography, Eric C. VonBerg, Columbus 17
Korean Geography Project, Gary Fitchpatrick, Cleveland 12
Korean Geography Web Research, Brent Martin, Granville 09
Map Work About the Korean War, Kathy Swanger, Columbus 04
North and South Korea Geography Travel Hunt, Telisha LeFloria, Akron 08
The Role of Korea’s Geography in Asian Cultural Diffusion, Kathleen Allan, Oxford 09

The American/Korean Conflict: Korean or Chinese Draw…Victory?, Joe Serio, Akron 08
The Causes of the Korean War, Jessica Parker, Columbus 11
Chinese and Korean Rebellions against Imperial Japan, Karissa Piper, Akron 08  
Declarations of Independence, Kevin Barnhard, Columbus 17
Early Development of Korea, Anne O’Leary, Toledo 05
Effects of the Korean War, Tamar Warkentien, Oberlin 10
Global Impact of World War I: Korea, Charles Bell, Wooster 07
Google Earth & “The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War”, Marc Montella, Granville 09
History of Korea, Jennifer McClure, Toledo 05
How Koreans Rebuild following World War II, Tammie Ray, Akron 08
Imperialism: General Sherman Incident, Don Haven, Granville 09
Invention Timeline, Beth MacLehose, Columbus 06
Japan Colonizes Korea, Melissa Ryan, Wooster 07
Japanese Colonization of Korea, Jeff Kho, Cleveland 12
Japanese Invasion of Korea, 1592, Brendan Malone, Toledo 07
Korea: An Example of History Repeating Itself, Lori Dhiraprasiddhi, Granville 09
Korea Post-WWII and the Cold War,, Bryan Evans, Oberlin 10
Korea: United/Divided/United, Nick Geruntino, Columbus 11
Korean Comfort Women, Jennifer Swinehart, Columbus 04
Korean Conflict: What if it had been us?, Erin Brickwood, Akron 08
The Korean War, Andrew Salzer, Columbus 04
The Korean War, Marie Ternes, Oberlin 10
The Korean War, E. Mark Kreps, Delaware 13
The Kwanju uprising in comparison to the protests on the campus of Kent State University, Russell Lammermeier, Cleveland 12
Life in Korea during the Korean War, Michelle Miller, Toledo 05
Life in Korea During World War II: When My Name Was Keoko, Virginia Ressa, Columbus 06
Lost Names and Identity, Cassandra McGuyrt, Akron 08
Lost Names of Korea, Mary L. Kelley, Cincinnati 06
Mongul Empire and Korea, Suzanne Ford, Columbus 17
The Mongol invasion of Korea, Matt Daugherty, Columbus 16
No Gun Ri, Korea, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04
North Korea: The Dynasty of Communism, Kathryn Benken, Oxford 09
North and South Korea – Conflicted Relationship, Dale Foster, Columbus 17
“One Korea?”, Steve Murray, Columbus 06
Pak Wansŏ’s (1921-2011) Mother’s Hitching Post and the Korean War, Whitney Burris, Columbus 11
Personal Accounts of the Korean Civil War, 1950-1953, Mary Hetrick, Wooster 07
Post-WWII Division of Korea Compared to Germany, Jenny Sage, Granville 09
Resistance to Western Ideas, Thomas Ulrich, Toledo 05
State Turmoil: Reinventing Identity, Rose Remmel, Akron 08
Student Protest in Korea and the United States, Frank Casey, Oberlin 10
Timeline of the Korean War, Pete Ewing, Columbus 04
Trade “Openings”, Edward Swope, Granville 09
Using Oral History to Study the Effects of 20th Century Japanese Colonialism on Korea, Lynn Pangrace, Cleveland 12
US Involvement in International Conflicts, Rachel Marten, Athens 10
What a Difference a Border Makes, KaSandra Emler, Columbus 11
When Conflicting Cultures Collide, John Dean, Cincinnati 06
World Leaders Research Project, Lindsey Ritscher, Marietta 08

Gonggi – Korean Jacks, Bethany Boyd, Columbus 11
Introduction to Korean Language and Writing, Dorene Miller, Wooster 07
The Korean Writing System: Comparisons with English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese & Attachment, Jeffrey Stafford, Columbus 17
Try Your Hand at Han’geul, Deborah Robinson , Columbus 06

A Comparison of Sijo and Haiku, Tracy Imamura, Columbus 04
Animal Farm and No One to Envy, Carolyn Willis, Columbus 16
Discovering Culture Through Literature, Laura Soltis, Columbus 04
The Guest, by Hwang Sok-Yong, Cynthia Richards, Akron 08
Historical Truth and Identity, Gregory Booth, Granville 09
The Importance of Setting in Historical Fiction, Mary Anne Kinzly, Oberlin 10
In the Moonlight Mist: A Korean Tale, by Daniel Souci, Lydia Cardona, Oberlin 10
Korea Through a Short Story, Dan Vallette, Columbus 04
Korean-American Literature, Connie Massaro, Wooster 07
The Korean Cinderella, Dottie Worley, Toledo 05
The Korean Cinderella, Shanaka Horner, Marietta 08
Korean Fables and Folktales, Jennifer Hendricks, Marietta 08
Korean Fiction, Casey Matthews, Cleveland 12
Korean Literature, Mary Wryst, Athens 10
Korean Literature’s Revelation on War and Invasion, Tom Molnar, Columbus 04
Korean Pursuasive Argumentative Essay, Joseph Schmall, Columbus 17
Korean Persuasive Essay, Mary Kay Ryan, Oberlin 10
Korean Sijo, Cathy Hart, Columbus 06
Korean Tales for Children, April Thompson, Columbus 17
Korean War Short Story, Misty Swanger, Columbus 04
Korean War Stories, David Fawcett, Columbus 06
My Name is Yoon and The Name Jar, Amanda Lucero, Delaware 13
The Name Jar, Harry Gao, Columbus 06
Nothing to Envy: Modern Day Dystopia, Tara Fox, Columbus 16
Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol, Bernadette Sedor, Oberlin 10
P’ansori, Susan Coffman, Columbus 04
The Power of Myth and Legend, Matthew Yingling, Columbus 11
Reading “Lost Names”, Barbara McBrady, Cincinnati 06
The Seaman’s Chant by Kim Dong-in, Jill Davis, Oxford 09
Seedfolks, Debb Draudt, Oberlin 10
A Single Shard, Edith Swank, Wooster 07
The Single Shard, Lauren Glaros, Columbus 04
Tale of Hungbu and Nolbu, Laina Kominos, Columbus 06
Teaching and Writing Korean Sijo Poetry, Thomas Trang, Columbus 17
Urban Myths and Legends of Korea and the United States, Ann Matney, Toledo 07

The 38th Parallel, Lindsey VanFossen, Columbus 16
The Atrocities of War: The Korean Comfort Women, Jeanne Bolton, Columbus 16
The Cold War and Korean War, Christopher W. Miller, Columbus 16
Cold War/Dividing Nations, Kyle McDowell, Delaware 13
Conflict Management: Two Koreas, Paul Chidester, Columbus 06
A Debate of the 38th Parallel: Was It Right?, Jennifer Preslan, Toledo 07
Government of North Korea, Jolene Dyer, Wooster 07
Government, Politics, and Current Events in Korea, Edward Radcliffe, Marietta 08
Identity and Nationalism, Corinne Full, Marietta 08
Imperialism in the Korean Peninsula Dating Game, Jeff Gottke, Columbus 11
Introduction to North Korea, Danielle Filas, Delaware 13
Korea: A Divided Peninsula, Susan Beck, Athens 10
Korea’s Constitution vs the United States Constitution, Doug Helsel, Columbus 17
Korea: Government, Economics, and Effects, Allison Hebeler, Oxford 09
A Look at North Korean Refugees, Charles Martindell, Delaware 13
North Korea: Are They a Nuclear Weapon Threat?, Joan Perry-Szafarowicz, Toledo 07
North Korea: A True Totalitarian Government?, Joy Vargas Painter, Wooster 07
North Korea and Nuclear Weapons Development, Jeff Smith, Wooster 07
North Korea’s Nuclear Program, Beth Schmidt, Cincinnati 06
North Koreans: An Isolated People, Jack Gibbons, Columbus 16
No Gun Ri, Korea, Rob Fetters, Columbus 04
The North Korean Nuclear Threat, Craig Rush, Cincinnati 06
Roles and Systems of Government, Betsy Beaver, Delaware 13
Stories from North Korean Refugees, Elizabeth Bank, Columbus 16
The Two Koreas: South-North Joint Declarations on the Journey Towards Reunification, Scott Nickel, Columbus 04
The Underground Railroad, Kathy Ward, Columbus 16
US Policy Options on North Korea, John Day, Columbus 16

Buddhism and Christianity Comparison, Chris Baughman, Athens 10
Buddhist Proverbs, Christine Little, Marietta 08
Confucianism vs. Love, Laurel Fitch, Columbus 16
Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism and Christianity, Heidi Blue, Akron 08
Comparing Religions, Mat Dunham, Columbus 11
Korean Tea Ceremony, Jona Hall, Marietta 08
Modern Korea, Mitchell Clark, Toledo 05
The Spread of Buddhism from India to Korea, Greg Devoe, Granville 09
A Study of the Seokguram Grotto and the Buddha Project, Jamie Foley, Columbus 06
The Teachings of Confucius, Ruth Beschta, Columbus 04