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2020-2021 ICS Events

Academic Programming

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
ICS/History of Art Lecture: Arnold Chang,
“Painting Demonstration and Commentary”

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
ICS/History of Art Lecture: Arnold Chang, “Literati
Landscape in the 21st Century, a Personal Exploration”

NOVEMBER 10, 2020
ICS/NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall Lecture: Wei He,
Infinity Institute, “Navigating Emerging US Sanctions on China”

NOVEMBER 13, 2020
ICS Lecture: Don Wyatt, Middlebury College, and Shaoyun Yang, Denison University,
“China’s Uneasy History of Foreign Enslavement”

NOVEMBER 16, 2020
“ICS Teaching Roundtable”

NOVEMBER 20, 2020
ICS Panel Discussion: Dale Cope, University of Kansas, Mel Gurtov, Portland State University, Daniel Julius, Yale University, and Lee-Hsing Lu, Assumption University,
“Assessing Confucius Institutes”

FEBRUARY 5, 2021
ICS Lecture: Yan Long, University of California, Berkeley,
“Failed Foreign Interventions? The Transnational Making and Unmaking of AIDS Politics in China”

FEBRUARY 19, 2021
ICS Lecture: Nianshen Song, University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
“A Sacred Capital for the Empire: Tibetan Buddhism in Qing’s Mukden”

MARCH 11, 2021
Wittenberg/EASC Virtual Colloquium: Wei Su, Yale University,
“Men of Iron and the Golden Spike”

MARCH 12, 2021
ICS Workshop: Xinda Lian, Denison University, and Brigid Vance, Lawrence University,
“Dream as Method: When the Real is Unreal”

APRIL 2, 2021
ICS Lecture: Catherine Clark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Fabio Lanza, University of Arizona,
“Maoist Chinoiseries, or a Visual, Material History of French Maoism”

APRIL 16, 2021
ICS Lecture: Chris Courtney, University of Durham,
“A Century in the Furnace: Living with Heat in Wuhan 1920–2020”

APRIL 19, 2021
ICS Workshop: Ksenia Chizhova, Princeton University, and William Hedberg, Arizona State University,
“Studying China in Korean and Japanese Literature”

APRIL 21, 2021
Area Studies Global Comics Lecture Series: John A. Crespi, Colgate University,
“The Real and Serial in Zhang Leping’s The Wandering Life of Sanmao (1947–1948)”

MAY 7–8, 2021
Area Studies Center Symposium: “Worlds in Contention: Race, Neoliberalism, and Injustice”