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Faculty in Japanese Studies

Professor Emeritus, History
106 Dulles Hall
Professor Emeritus, History
246 Dulles Hall
Professor, Anthropology
4022 Smith Laboratory
Associate Professor, Comparative Studies
448 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor, Japanese Studies Librarian
350B Thompson Library
Associate Professor, DEALL
354 Hagerty Hall
Professor Emeritus, Economics
410 Arps Hall
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Professor Emeritus, Comparative Studies
440 Hagerty Hall
Senior Lecturer, DEALL
372 Hagerty Hall
Associate Professor, History of Art
201 Pomerene Hall
Academic Program Specialist, DEALL
398D Hagerty Hall
Professor, Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs
Professor Emeritus, Economics
465C Arps Hall
Professor Emeritus, School of Environment and Natural Resources
115 Willliams Hall
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning
225 Knowlton Hall
Professor, DEALL
381 Hagerty Hall
Professor Emeritus, DEALL
329 Hagerty Hall
Professor Literatures and Cultures of Latin America, Theatre
Associate Professor Emeritus, DEALL
350 Hagerty Hall
Lecturer, DEALL
372 Hagerty Hall
Professor Emeritus, DEALL
Associate Professor, DEALL; Interim Director, Institute for Japanese Studies
342 Hagerty Hall