Richard Moore

Professor Emeritus, School of Environment and Natural Resources
Faculty in Japanese Studies

Richard Moore has been an "interdisciplinary environmental scientist" since long before his official job title included any of those words. Since earning a Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of Texas-Austin, he has taught in diverse departments at Ohio State, including Anthropology, Rural Sociology and most recently the School of Environment and Natural Resources. He has a number of research grants from the USDA, NSF, and EPA that bridge the social and natural sciences. He currently leads the Sugar Creek Project and one of the objectives on a $20 million USDA AFRI grant about corn and climate change. Richard formerly directed the Environmental Science Graduate Program.

Other ongoing research projects focus on:

  • Biocomplexity linking social and natural ecosystems
  • Participatory rural community social structure and learning communities in headwaters streams
  • Water quality trading in Sugar Creek (located in Holmes and Wayne counties of Ohio), Upper Scioto Watershed, and the U.S.
  • Japanese rural social structure
Areas of Expertise
  • Sustainable and organic agriculture
  • Environmental science (Japan)
  • Agricultural social organization and economy

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