Picture for hirvela.1

Alan Hirvela
Professor, Teaching and Learning
(614) 292-0137

Picture for hwang.106

Young-bae Hwang
Lecturer, International Studies

Picture for kang.289

Yonsoo Kang-Parker
Senior Lecturer, DEALL

Picture for kim.2736

Pil-Ho Kim
Assistant Professor, DEALL
  • Korean society and culture;...

Picture for kline.48

Susan Kline
Associate Professor, Communication
(614) 292-2055
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Social interaction
  • Communication and social...

Picture for lee.6221

Damian Lee
Assistant Professor, Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics

Picture for lee.3526

Hyun Jin Lee
Lecturer, DEALL

Picture for lerner.26

Mitchell B. Lerner
Associate Professor, History; Director...
614 292-1681
  • Korea international relations and...

Picture for park-miller.1

Chan E. Park
Professor, DEALL
614 292-1908
  • Korean Language, Literature and...
  • Asian and Western Drama and...

Picture for pyun.7

Danielle Ooyoung Pyun
Associate Professor, DEALL
614 292-3876
  • Korean Pedagogy

Picture for wainwright.11

Joel Wainwright
Professor, Geography
614 247-8746
  • Political economy of development...

Picture for yi.57

Youngjoo Yi
Associate Professor, Foreign and...
614 292-1696
  • Second language literacy