Spring 2013 Area Studies Courses


Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

2580 – Feast or Famine: The Global Business of Food U 3
Global and regional trends in food consumption and production are surveyed. Trade, technological change, and other responses to food scarcity are analyzed.

4539 – China’s Economic Reforms and Globalization U 3
An introductory survey course of economic reforms and globalization in China with emphasis on economic and social transformation, and its integration into the global economy.

Business Administration

Management and Human Resources

2000 – Introduction to International Business U 1.5
Basic coverage of world trade and investment problems, and introduction to multinational corporation strategies and the various types of environments in which they do business.

7242 – International Negotiations and Deal Making G 1.5
How to effectively negotiate and make deals in cross-cultural contexts.

Management Sciences

4237 International Operations Management   3
Current influences, practices and standards for structural and infrastructural decision making across national boundaries. Explores complexity of managing geographically dispersed operations with relationships between multiple entities.

Comparative Studies

2370 – Introduction to Comparative Religion U 3
Introduction to the academic study of religion through comparison among major traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) and smaller communities.

3673 – The Buddhist Tradition U 3
History and structure of Buddhism from founding to present in South, Southeast, and East Asia; emphasis on rituals, beliefs, and local and regional variations. 2270 (270) recommended.

5871 – The Japanese Religious Tradition   3
A survey of the Japanese tradition, including Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, New-Confucianism, and folk religion from the 6th century B.C.E. to the present.

7999 – Research in Comparative Studies: Thesis G 1-12
Research for Master's thesis.

8998 – Research in Comparative Studies: Candidacy Examination G 1-12
Research in preparation for Ph.D. exams.

8999 – Research in Comparative Studies: Dissertation G 1-12
Research for dissertation.

East Asian Languages and Literatures


1231 – East Asian Humanities U 3
Introduction to the contemporary and traditional cultures of China, Korea, and Japan taught through readings, films, and demonstrations.

3223 – The Buddhist Tradition U 3
History and structure of Buddhism from founding to present in South, Southeast, and East Asia. Emphasis on rituals, beliefs, and local and regional variations.

7705 – Seminar in the Learning of East Asian Languages and Cultures G 3
Critical analysis and discussion of insights and theories from various disciplines relevant to the pedagogy of East Asian languages and cultures.  


4193 – Individual Studies U 1-3
Directed study to meet individual research needs of students in Chinese studies. Not a substitute for regular language courses.

4401 – Chinese Poetry in Translation U 3
Major genres of Chinese poetry from 600 B.C. to the 13th century A.D.

4402 – Chinese Fiction in Translation U 3
Novels and short stories from the Ming and Qing Dynasties

4403 – Modern Chinese Literature in Translation U 3
Chinese literature from the teens and twenties to the present day.

4406 – China Pop! Contemporary Pop Culture and Media in Greater China U 3
Introduces students to contemporary popular culture and media from Greater China, encouraging independent research and critical discussion of topics covered.

5474 – Chinese Opera U G 3
Introduction to Chinese opera as traditional culture, dramatic literature, and performing art; selected opera scripts and stage performances from Beijing opera, Kunqu, and regional operas; illustrated discussions of various aspects of the theater. No prerequisites.

5490 – Chinese Translation Workshop U G 1-4
Investigation of problems and techniques of translating Chinese into English.

6194 – Group Studies G 1-3
Group investigation of issues in Chinese studies. Varying topics.

6452 – History of Chinese Literature II G 3
Chinese literature from Sui to the present; literary trends and achievements of the Sui=Tang period; rise of vernacular writings; modern literature under western impact.

6453 – Classical Chinese Literature in Modern China G 3
Examines adaptations and uses of classical Chinese literature (novels, plays, poems, prose) in the modern Chinese-speaking world.

7463 – Modern Chinese Fiction G 3
Readings in twentieth-century Chinese fiction.

7470 – Ethnic Literature and Culture in China G 3
Examines poetry, prose, and other cultural expressions related to ethnic minority groups in China.

7615 – Chinese Perspectives on Chinese Civilization G 3
Level seven Chinese. Mainstream Chinese perspectives on major issues in Chinese civilization. Commonly recognized ways to presenting viewpoints and arguments on relevant topics. Chinese only.

7650 – Negotiating in Chinese Culture G 3
Level Seven Chinese. Chinese in spontaneous professional discourse, emphasizing oral presentation based on readings in Chinese business practices and professional negotiation.

7670 – Literary Language in Modern Mandarin G 3
Level seven Chinese. Use of literary Chinese in modern speech and writing. Chinese only.

7672.51 – Domain Research and Presentation of a Project G 5
Level six Chinese. Individualize research with mentor. Development of research project. Chinese only.

8897 – Departmental Seminar G 1-3
Seminar in Chinese literature, linguistics, or pedagogy; topic varies.


2231 – Elements of Japanese Culture   3
A survey of literature, art, religion, philosophy, film, and social institutions of the Japanese people from the earliest to the most recent times.

2451 – Japanese Literature in Translation   3
Representative masterpieces from Japan's literary tradition: fiction, poetry, drama, prose.

2452 – Modern Japanese Literature in Translation   3
Modern Japanese literature and media from late 19th century Western influences to contemporary writers; selected readings in English translation.

4193 – Individual Studies   1-3
Directed study to meet individual research needs of students in Japanese studies.

4999 – Undergraduate Research Thesis   3
Focused research toward completion of an original thesis.

5271 – The Japanese Religious Tradition   3
A survey of the Japanese tradition, including Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Neo-Confucianism, and folk religion from the 6th century B.C.E. to the present.

5400 – Performance Traditions of Japan   3
Introduction to performance traditions of Japan; explores selected performance genres in their cultural contexts and examines patterns of mergence in modern times.

5456 – Japanese Literature: Modern Period   3
Survey of Japanese poetry, fiction, and drama from the 19th century to the present.

6381 – History of the Japanese Language   3
A survey of the development of the Japanese language from early times to the present.

6998 – Research in Japanese: Project   1-3
Research leading to the completion of a project other than a conventional MA thesis.

6999 – Research in Japanese: Thesis   1-3
Research leading to the completion of an MA thesis.

7384 – Japanese Syntax   3
Survey of the grammatical structures of Japanese; presentation of syntactic rules.

8899 – Interdepartmental Seminar   3
Two or more departments present seminars on subjects of mutual interest; topics to be announced.


2451 – Korean Literature in Translation   3
A close examination of masterpieces in Korean literature across genres for students with no previous academic training in Korean literature.

5256 – Interdisciplinary Topics in Korean Politics and Society   3
Interdisciplinary Korean studies course in the areas of social science, bridging Korean history, politics, gender, religion, philosophy, education, intercultural communication and international relations, etc.

5380 – Korean Linguistics   3
Examination of the phonology, syntax, lexicon, and writing system of the Korean language; some topics related to language use and acquisition.


5650 – International Commodity Flows: Theory and Policy U G 3
Comparative advantage and the gains from trade; tariffs and other trade restrictions; economic effects of protective policies; U.S. commercial policies; regional economic integration.

Education: Physical Activity and Educational Services

1169.02 – Martial Arts Forms: Judo I   1
Introductory skills and knowledge essential in throwing techniques and mat work of Judo.

1169.03 – Martial Arts Forms: Judo II   1
Intermediate skills and techniques of Judo as well as an introduction to the skills involved in competitive Judo.

1169.04 – Martial Arts Forms: Karate I   1
Introduction to the fundamental forms and techniques of Karate.

1169.05 – Martial Arts Forms: Karate II   1
The refinement of basic forms and techniques and the introduction of advanced forms; more emphasis on free fighting.

1169.07 – Martial Arts Forms: Tae Kwon Do I   1
Beginning course in the Korean martial art form; includes etiquette, basic blocking, thrusting and kicking techniques, and self defense.

1169.08 – Martial Arts Forms: Tae Kwon Do II   1
Continuation of Tae Kwon Do I, refinement of technique and form; introduction of intermediate forms and skills and conditioning techniques.

1169.09 – Martial Arts Forms: T’ai Chi Ch’uan I   1
An introduction to T'ai Chi Ch'uan with emphasis on an exploration of body/energy awareness.

1169.10 – Martial Arts Forms: T’ai Chi Ch’uan II   1
Intermediate forms and techniques of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and experience in joint hands operation as well as in combat T'ai Chi Ch'uan.


2750 – World Regional Geography   3
An examination of the human and physical geographic structure of all world regions; defined primarily at the continental scale. Examines regions in global context.

3597.01 – World Urbanization   3
An examination of geographic aspects of the urbanization process in the world's major regions; interrelationships between urbanization and economic development.

5601 – Geographies of Governmentalities    3
Governance and society from a geographic perspective using Foucault’s governmentality framework.

5700 – Geography of Development   3
Political economy of development; development theory; the historical geography of capitalist development; and contemporary development practices and strategies.

5802  – Globalization and Environment  3
Transnational dimensions of changes to the natural environment; ways that global economic activity, international institutions, and global environmentalism contribute to environmental problems and solutions.

7193  – Individual Studies in Geography     1 
Independent studies on selected Geography related topics.

8999 – Research in Geography: Dissertation   1-9
Research for dissertation purposes only.


1681 – World History to 1500   3
Comparative survey of the world's major civilizations and their interconnections from the beginnings of human civilization through 1500.

1682 – World History from 1500 to Present   3
Survey of the human community, with an emphasis on its increasing global integration, from the first European voyages of exploration through the present.

2375 – Islamic Central Asia   3
Introductory survey of the political, cultural, religious, and economic history of Islamic central Asia from the eighth-century Arab conquests to the nineteenth-century Russian colonial era.

2401 – History of East Asia in the Pre-Modern Era   3
Introduction to societies and cultures of pre-modern China, Korea, and Japan; the East Asian geographical and cultural unit.

2402 – History of East Asia in the Modern Era   3
Introduction to the transformation of societies and cultures of modern China, Korea, and Japan from the 17th century to the present.

3405 – Contemporary China 1921-2000   3
History of Contemporary China from 1921 to 2000; emphasis on Communist Party, state and society (politics, military affairs, economics, social structure, and culture).

3410 – Studies in Chinese History   3
Topics and issues in any period of Chinese history contingent on interests of faculty and students; usually this course emphasizes readings and discussions.

3580 – The Vietnam War   3
Study of the background, causes, conduct, and consequences of the Vietnam War, 1945-1975.

6999 – Master’s Thesis Research   1-12
Research for Master's thesis.

7193.01 – Individual Studies  1-6
The investigation of particular problems in various fields of history through graduate-level individual studies.

7193.02 – Individual Studies   1-6
The investigation of particular problems in various fields of history through graduate-level individual studies.

8999 – Thesis Research   1-12
Research for dissertation.

History of Art

2003 Asian Art   3
Art of Asian cultures from ancient through contemporary times.

2901 Introduction to World Cinema   3
Chronological survey of the most influential and recognized film artists and film movements of the world.

3901 World Cinema Today   3
An introduction to the art of international cinema today, including its forms and varied content.

4701 An Introduction to Buddhist Art and Iconography   3
Examines how Buddhist art conveys the ideal of human perfection as the ultimate attainment of Buddhist practice in all regions of Asia.

5821 Japanese Art: Proto-Historic and Buddhist   3
Selected topics in the history of Japanese art of the Proto-Historic period in relation to the Buddhist religion.

8193 Individual Studies   1-3
Advanced study for students in specialized programs.

8821 Studies in Japanese Art   4
Advanced study and specialized research in the history of Japanese art.

International Studies

2050 – Introduction to China and Japan   3
Multidisciplinary survey of contemporary Asian civilizations: their geographical and racial backgrounds, historical and cultural heritages, social organizations, economic and political problems and international relations.

2500 – Introduction to Development Studies   3
Examines theories of political economy and development, as well as the historical geography of global capitalism and contemporary issues in international economic development.

2580 – Feast or Famine: the Global Business of Food   3
Global and regional trends in food consumption and production are surveyed.  Trade, technological change, and other responses to food scarcity are analyzed.

3850 – Introduction to Globalization   3
Analysis of globalization in its various aspects, economic, political, environmental and technological, as well as of its extent and desirability.

4535 – International Economic Development (25% EA)   3
Study of the growth and diversification of developing economies and the causes of poverty and inequality. Analyze the impacts of human capital formation, markets and public policy on development.

4539 – China’s Economic Reforms and Globalization   3
Study of the growth and diversification of developing economies and the causes of poverty and inequality. Analyze the impacts of human capital formation, markets and public policy on development.

4701 – The Development & Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction (25% EA)   3
Includes discussions on the historical development and use of WMDs in Japan in WWII, current proliferation efforts in North Korea and China, and security efforts to halt WMD development throughout the world.

4850 – Understanding the Global Information Society (25% EA)   3
Invites students to think critically about the global networks that are shaping the new knowledge creation & sharing processes. To monitor news, investigate web resources & gather information for assignments, report & case study analysis.

5051 – East Asia in the Post Cold War Era: Issues in Regional Security & Economic Development   3
Taught by a Korea-focused lecturer or by EASC post-doctoral researchers whose foci are on China, Japan, and/or Korea.

5701E – Intelligence & National Security in a Changing World   3
An in-depth look at US intelligence practices, effectiveness & impact on policymaking; examines the role of secret activities in a democracy; delves heavily into current events from an intelligence perspective; looks at new intelligence challenges.

5702 – Research on Organized Violence   3
Introduces students to the process of independent research through an in-depth examination of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

5703 – Writing About the Intelligence Community   3
Students will practice writing forms regularly used by the US intelligence community. Designed to provide high-level US policymakers with both raw information & detailed analysis on international events. Requires extensive research.


2250 – Music Cultures of the World   3
A survey of musical cultures outside the Western European tradition of the fine arts.

7787 – Chinese Music   3
History theory and practices of Chinese music culture with special reference to the socio-cultural conditions of their development.

Near East Langauges and Cultures

5204 – Culture and Politics in Central Asia   3
Comparative study of cultural legacy and change, including religious and secular life and civil society development, in relation to political trends in Central Asia.


2120 – Asian Philosophies   3
A survey including at least three of the following philosophical systems of Asia: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

8193 – Individual Studies   1-9
Doctoral students may register for individual study in areas not normally covered by courses.

8999 – Dissertation Research in Philosophy   1-9
Research for dissertation purposes only..

Political Science

1300 – Global Politics   3
Cooperation and conflict in world politics. Covers basic theories of international relations and key issues, including security, political economy, international organizations, and the environment.

1300H – Honors Global Politics   3


6193 – Individual Studies   1 - 9 
Individual Studies.  Repeatable. This course is graded S/U.

6999 – Research for Thesis    1 – 12
Research for thesis purposes only. Au and Sp Semesters Repeatable. This course is graded S/U.


5771.06 – International Theatre and Performance   3
Advanced study of a focused international theatre history topic such as African, Spanish and Portuguese, Asian theatre, theatre masks, puppets, Irish diaspora.