Jeffrey Cohen, Shengyu Pei publish piece in Journal of Hubei University for Nationalities

September 24, 2018
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Two faculty members in OSU's Department of Anthropology, Shengyu Pei and Jeffrey Cohen, have published a paper featured in the Journal of Hubei University for Nationalities titled "Anthropological Thinking on the Model of Targeted Poverty Alleviation -- Based on the Investigation of the Governance Dilemma of Living with Livestock." 

Abstract: The Nu (Yunnan Province, China) are a rural, economically marginal ethnic minority in southwestern China known for raising livestock in pens built under or next to their homes. The Chinese government associated this practice (known as “living with livestock”) as a sign of poverty. In response, the government used a Targeted Poverty Alleviation (TPA) program to build freestanding pens and relocate Nu livestock. The project largely failed. We argue that leaving the Nu out of decision-making and planning doomed the program and limited TPA efficacy. Our paper explores the challenges that confronted and the importance bringing local voices can have in the development of effective, sustainable programs.

PDF icon Link to pdf version (in Chinese).