Professor Guoqing Li receives awards

September 19, 2018
Guojing Li
On August 29, Professor Guoqing Li’s work, titled An Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Ancient Books in the Ohio State University Library, along with two other similar books he participated in editing, received the First Class Award of the National Outstanding Chinese Ancient Books published in 2107 by Publishers Association of China. A total of 40 Chinese publishers with 254 titles participated in the competition; 45 titles received an award. (Details in Chinese:
On June 23, Professor Li’s research paper, “Study on Mr. Mu Xuexun and His Book Collection,” published in Wen Xian (The Documentat, No. 1, 2017: 179-191), was selected as a winner of the Chinese American Librarians Association Jing Liao Award for the Best Research 2018. The award remark states:
“The Mu's collection of the Zheng Yu Tung East Asia Library at University of Toronto, Canada, is one of the most impressive collections for the Chinese ancient books collected in North America…Separated by vast oceans for more than 80 years of neglect, it is not easy to inspect it without modern bibliographies… Being limited in vision and understanding, however, errors are inevitable. Incorrectly relaying on erroneous reports, there is a tendency that something real became false and vice versa. This paper crawls the literature and confirms the recent disclosure of the seal of the Mu's collection with a view to correcting the name of the Mu’s and returning history to the truth.
After a careful peer-review process, the CALA Jing Liao Award for the Best Research Committee (2017-2018) believes that this research will be helpful to generate more academic studies for the East Asian Collections in North America. The scholarly values of this study are generating specific discoveries and unique insights to find the truth in history. Using the method of source criticism and descriptive analysis, the author successfully solved the unsolved puzzles of the Mu’s collection in the subject fields of the East Asian studies in North America.”
In August, at the 25th Beijing International Book Fair, Guangxi Normal University Press held a ceremony for Professor Li to celebrate a book series titled Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record, of which he is both the editor-in-chief and a translator (100 titles in 10 volumes published), and Tian Lu Lun Cong –Journal of the Society for Chinese Studies Librarians, of which he is both an editor-in–chief and an author (10 volumes published annually). After the ceremony, complete sets of both titles were donated to Professor Li’s alma mater, Peking University. (Details in Chinese: