EASC and CSCC develop video modules on Eastern medicine

April 22, 2019
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Continuing its partnership from 2014-2018 which resulted in the development of 12 new video modules on East Asian history, the East Asian Studies Center (EASC) and Columbus State Community College (CSCC) have developed two additional video modules in 2018 and have plans to develop more over the 2018-2022 cycle. The latest modules, "Religion and Medicine in East Asian Traditions: China, Japan, Korea" and "Eastern and Western Medicine Meet: Conflicts of Science, Health, and Tradition in Modern China and Japan," were developed by Ryan Schultz, a doctoral student in OSU's Department of History, in partnership with Prof. Christianna Hurford and Prof. Jennifer Nardone of CSCC's Humanities Department, with support from EASC's Title VI National Resource Center grant. The modules are created for use in CSCC's World History course which is offered on both the CSCC campus and through their College Credit Plus program which makes college-level classes available in regional high schools. The two new modules and the 12 previously-created modules are also available for classroom use worldwide on EASC's YouTube channel.