DEALL featured as part of "Excellence in the Arts and Sciences" series

November 29, 2018
Prof. Mark Bender, Chair, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures was featured in the November 28, 2018 issue of the College of Arts and Sciences' News and Updates. Prof. Mark Bender shared a brief piece as part of the "Excellence in the Arts and Sciences" series which celebrates successes and excellence occurring across units and disciplines in the College. Read his piece below. 

Mark Bender, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL) specializes in the teaching and research of Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, linguistics, literatures and cultures. As department chair, I am proud to report that DEALL has a nearly 100 percent placement rate for graduate students, who fill a variety of niches in academia, government and business that require the kind of expertise we offer. Our many internationally influential programs include specialization in the teaching of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, a journal and online resource center devoted to Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, a dynamic East Asian Linguistics program and an Advanced Chinese Language Program that specializes in producing students for non-academic career paths.
Recent successes include the third annual Buckeye East Asian Linguistics Forum held on Oct. 22 at the Mershon Center. The forum was created by devoted DEALL faculty JJ Nakayama, Marjorie Chan and Zhiguo Xie, as well as annual teams of enthusiastic graduate students. The event is a showcase for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to communicate their research on East Asian linguistics to peers and mentors and receive immediate one-on-one feedback. This year's event included several influential keynote speakers and poster displays by students. It is encouraging that attendees and participants from outside Ohio State are increasing.
The DEALL Korean program is enjoying a surge in enrollment fueled by an international interest in Korean pop culture and events in East Asia. Helping fuel this excitement is the upcoming fifth annual Wind and Stream: Songs of Life live performance hosted by DEALL's Korean Performance and Research Program and funded by the generous support of Dr. Chris Lee. The show will feature professional performers from South Korea and include undergraduate students who are learning drumming and singing routines in Professor Chan Park's innovative class in Korean performance traditions. Scheduled for Nov. 29 at the Bronwynn Theatre, McConnell Arts Center in Worthington, the show is an important learning event for students and a key community outreach platform for DEALL.