COVID-19 Mini-grant Call for Proposals

June 8, 2020

COVID-19 Mini-grant Call for Proposals

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The East Asian Studies Center (EASC) seeks proposals to address the COVID-19 global pandemic from an East Asian studies perspective. Funding will support up to three proposals that bring together East Asian studies knowledge and experts. Each proposal should contain the outline for one online event to take place during the Autumn semester.


The events should be scheduled to take place in the online format between August 15, 2020 and December 15, 2020, with a goal of making contributions to the current challenges associated with COVID-19. (Contributions are defined broadly. For example, an event that addresses online teaching is considered a contribution.)


The funding period is between August 15, 2020 and December 15, 2020. Awards: Up to $1,000, reimbursed after approved incurred expenses. Typically, we provide $300 for a speaker honorarium, so one event in this program can support up to three external speakers.

Allowable expenses:

  • Honoraria for external speakers


The project must be developed and implemented by current Ohio State faculty or staff with PI status. A project leader will serve as the point of contact for communication with EASC during the grant program process and serve as PI for this program. Please note that online events are the only type of academic program that this funding will support. No other types of activities will be funded. 

Proposal Preparation

Proposals for this grant will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The proposal must outline the ideas and scope. All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the EASC COVID-19 mini-conference grant review committee. 

Required Proposal Components:

  1. Proposal title
  2. Lead faculty member contact information (name, title, department, email, and phone)
  3. Team Members: If applicable, please provide name, title, and department of up to 3 team members who will be working with you on this project.
  4. Target audience: Please describe your target audience and expected size. The event must be open to faculty, students, and the general public.
  5. Project description (no more than 500 words): Please specify your purpose in organizing the event. Please provide justifications for your objectives in holding the event, as appropriate. It is important to make a convincing case for the potential contribution.
  6. Budget: Please provide a brief budget.
  7. CV (no more than 3 pages each)


Logistical Support and Fiscal Processing

EASC will provide the following technology support for the event:

  • Online registration through Qualtrics and Zoom meeting invitations sent to registrants via email prior to the start of the event
  • Creation of any polls the speaker may wish to conduct during the meeting (all poll questions to be included in the meeting should be sent at least one week prior to the event to Stephanie Metzger [, EASC academic programming program coordinator])
  • A technology check with the speaker prior to the start of the meeting
  • Technical support during the event, such as creating breakout rooms if utilized by the speaker, monitoring the waiting room and admitting any late entrants into the meeting. *For privacy and security purposes, attendees must register in order to be admitted to the meeting.

However, we are unable to provide other logistical support, such as communication with speakers. To manage tasks unrelated to the technology support mentioned above, applicants should coordinate with others organizing the event and/or staff in their home departments on all aspects related to planning the event and the processing of expenditures. After the program has concluded, EASC fiscal staff will work with the applicant’s designated fiscal coordinator on the transfer of eligible expenses up to the amount pledged. If selected for funding, the grant program team will meet with the project team to go over guidelines and policies.


EASC will help promote the event using EASC’s online weekly newsletter, EASC Express. Please send information about the event (departmental website, flyers, etc) at least three weeks prior to its start date to Stephanie Metzger (


Proposals are now being accepted on a rolling basis.


Applicants may contact Etsuyo Yuasa (, EASC director, and Mitch Lerner (, EASC director-elect, with any questions.


This program is supported by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant for EASC. All grant recipients are required to acknowledge EASC and the U.S. Department of Education Title VI support in their publicity. Specifically, the credit line on all materials must state: “Sponsored by: The Ohio State University’s East Asian Studies Center, with funds from a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant.”