Professor Mark Bender Publishes New Book Featuring Poets from Borders of China and India

October 6, 2017
Mark Bender

Mark Bender, chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL), has just published The Borderlands of Asia: Culture, Place, Poetry in the Cambria Sinophone World series of innovative Cambria Press. Introduced by Bender, the volume features translations and original works by 48 poets from the borders of China and India, including Northeast India, Myanmar, Southwest China, and Mongolia. Bender worked with a cohort of native poets in editing and translating the poems languages including Khasi, Burmese, Nuosu (Yi), Chinese, and Mongolian. The major themes are cultural and ecological change in the contemporary world.  Prof.  Joni Adamson, an eco-literary critic from Arizona State University, notes on the back cover, “In the spirit of myth, these poets introduce to us entangled worlds, from the microscopic to the planetary. They reveal a cosmos of intimate relations between animals, plants, landscapes, and waters and urge us to be cautious of all life on the planet .. a sparkling cosmography…”  Bender personally visited all of the areas represented in the book, drawing on local contacts, often many years in the making. Asian Borderlands reflects the growing interest of the OSU community in global/local issues of environmental change and its far-ranging effects.