Summer 2021 Language Courses



2141 Intensive Level Two Chinese - Oral
First course in the sequence of intensive intermediate Chinese language courses focusing on speaking and listening.
      2141.02 Summer Intensive Track 4


1101 Level One Japanese I
Standard Japanese at the elementary level, with emphasis on knowledge in doing things in Japanese; intro to the writing system.
     1101.02 Summer Intensive Track 4
1102 Level One Japanese II
Continuation of 1101.
     1102.02 Summer Intensive Track 4
1103 Level Two Japanese I
Continuation of 1102, and expanding oral and written communication.
     1103.02 Summer Intensive Track 4
2102 Level Two Japanese II
Continuation of 1103 with a shift in emphasis from the spoken to the written language; reading of selected graded texts, writing, and compositions.
     2102.02 Summer Intensive Track 5
5101 Level Four Japanese I
Continuation of 4102 or 4142/4252; expansion of communicative strategies with increased emphasis on presentational mode of communication. Readings in various genres.
     5101.02 Summer Intensive Track 4
5102 Level Four Japanese II
Continuation of 5101.
     5102.02 Summer Intensive Track 4


1101 Level One Korean I
Standard modern Korean; development of listening, speaking skills; basic grammar; reading and writing of the Korean script (hangul).
     1101.51 Individualized Track 1-4
1102 Level One Korean II
Continuation of 1101.
     1102.51 Individualized Track 1-4
1103 Level Two Korean I
Continuation of 1102.
     1103.51 Individualized Track 1-4
2102 Level Two Korean II 5
Continuation of 1103; designed to provide further acquisition of language skills in speaking, aural comprehension, reading and writing.
     2102.51 Individualized Track 1-5
4101 Level Three Korean I
Readings in modern Korean, aiming at expansion of vocabulary, acquisition of Chinese characters; translation, composition, and grammar drill.
     4101.51 Individualized Track 1-5
4102 Level Three Korean II
Continuation of 4101.
     4102.51 Individualized Track 1-5