Autumn 2014 Area Studies Courses


Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

4597.01 Food, Population, and the Environment 3
Problems related to world-wide population increases, food production, and associated environmental stress; policy options for lessening these problems, especially in low-income countries.

Business Administration: Management and Human Resources

2000 Introduction to International Business 1.5
Basic coverage of world trade and investment problems, and introduction to multinational corporation strategies and the various types of environments in which they do business.

Business Administration: Management Sciences

4237 International Operations Management 3
Current influences, practices and standards for structural and infrastructural decision making across national boundaries. Explores complexity of managing geographically dispersed operations with relationships between multiple entities.

Comparative Studies

2370 Introduction to Comparative Religion 3
Introduction to the academic study of religion through comparison among major traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) and smaller communities.
2370H Honors
3202 Translating Literatures and Cultures 3
This course explores the theory and practice of translation between languages, cultural contexts, and historical periods. We will read a series of theoretical texts on translation and relate them to case studies drawn from literature, politics, religion and philosophy involving the U.S., Europe, and East Asia. Our discussions will explore some of the following questions: How has translation been theorized over the centuries? What cultural factors contribute to the sustained practice of translation? What is gained and what is lost in translation? Who are the translators and how are they viewed? What are the political stakes and cultural ramifications of translation? How do taboos, laws, and censorship affect translation? How has translation changed societies in the West and in East Asia? What are the dilemmas and opportunities for future translators? We will also engage in hands-on exercises to acquaint ourselves with the joys, quandaries, and theoretical issues of translation from a practical perspective. 
3202ETranslating Literatures and Cultures 3
3673 The Buddhist Tradition 3
History and structure of Buddhism from founding to present in South, Southeast, and East Asia; emphasis on rituals, beliefs, and local and regional variations.
7193 Individual Studies 1-9
Designed to give able students an opportunity to pursue special studies not otherwise offered.
7999 Research in Comparative Studies: Thesis 1-12
Research for Master's thesis.
8998 Research in Comparative Studies: Candidacy Examination 1-12
Research in preparation for Ph.D. exams.
8999 Research in Comparative Studies: Dissertation 1-12
Research for dissertation.

East Asian Languages and Literatures


1231 East Asian Humanities 3
Introduction to the contemporary and traditional cultures of China, Korea, and Japan taught through readings, films, and demonstrations.
3223 The Buddhist Tradition 3
History and structure of Buddhism from founding to present in South, Southeast, and East Asia. Emphasis on rituals, beliefs, and local and regional variations.
5383 Scripts of East Asia 3
A critical survey of writing systems that use Chinese characters, popular and scholarly myths about them, and their impact on the history of ideas.
5475 Women Writers, Culture and Society in East Asia 3
Close examination of representative works of major women writers from China, Japan, and Korea in the cultural and ideological context of each country.
7700 Learning East Asian Languages in Cross-Cultural Contexts: College Level 1-3
Principles and practices of teaching an East Asian language as a foreign language at post-secondary level American institutions.
7701 Pedagogical Syntax for East Asian Languages 3
Training in the presentation of grammar in East Asian language classes; special attention given to problems of translating linguistic studies into teachable units.
7705 Seminar in the Learning of East Asian Languages and Cultures 3
Critical analysis and discussion of insights and theories from various disciplines relevant to the pedagogy of East Asian languages and cultures.
8701 Teaching East Asian Languages at the College Level 3
Methods and techniques of teaching college-level East Asian languages; selection and preparation of teaching, testing, and laboratory materials; observation of a variety of language classes.


2231 Traditional Chinese Culture 3
Chinese institutions, philosophical trends, religion, literature, and visual and performing arts prior to the 20th century.
2283 Chinese Calligraphy 3
Techniques of writing Chinese characters with a brush; practice in different styles from oracle bone to grass; introduction to its importance in the Chinese culture, and its relationship with Chinese philosophy, poetry, and painting.
2451 Chinese Literature in Translation 3
Representative masterpieces of pre-modern Chinese literature in English translation, including poetry, prose, fiction, and/or drama.
4193 Individual Studies 1-3
4402 Traditional Chinese Fiction in Translation 3

Examines novels and short stories from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Taught in English.
4998 Undergraduate Research Project 3
4998H Honors Undergraduate Research Project 3
4999 Undergraduate Research Thesis 3
4999H Undergraduate Research Thesis 3
5105.51 Selected Readings in Scholarly Texts I: Individualized Track 3

Academic writings in the humanities and social sciences by modern Chinese scholars in both the wenyan and baihua styles.
5106.51 Selected Readings in Scholarly Texts II: Individualized Track 3
Continuation of 5105.51.
5380 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics 3
Investigation of the phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, and writing system of the Chinese language; and exploration of some topics relating language to cognition, society, and gender.
5474 Chinese Opera 3
Introduction to Chinese opera as traditional culture, dramatic literature, and performing art; selected opera scripts and stage performances from Beijing opera, Kunqu, and regional operas; illustrated discussions of various aspects of the theater.
6193 Individual Studies 1-3
Directed study to meet individual research needs of students in Chinese studies. Not a substitute for regular language courses.
6452 History of Chinese Literature II 3
Chinese literature from the Five Dynasties to the Qing; poetry, prose, drama, and the rise of vernacular writings. Taught in English. Partial texts in Chinese optional.
6998 Research in Chinese Project 1-3
Research leading to the completion of a project other than a conventional MA thesis.
6999 Research in Chinese: Thesis 1-3
Research leading to the completion of an MA thesis.
7466 Lu Xun 3
Readings in the essays, prose poetry, and fiction of Lu Xun.
7470 Ethnic Literature and Culture in China 3
Examines poetry, prose, and other cultural expressions related to ethnic minority groups in China.
7617 Analysis of Contemporary Chinese Media 3
Level six Chinese. Developing familiarity with major contemporary Chinese media and the ability to analyze chosen topics from a specific medium. Chinese only.
7655 Language in China 3
Level six Chinese. Language issues in China, including language variation, writing systems, minority languages, and Chinese language issues in the information age. Chinese only.
7660 Interpersonal Relations and Professional Networking 3
Level six Chinese. Exploration of assumptions and expectations motivating behaviors in Chinese and American cultures when developing interpersonal relations and professional networks.
7671.51 Familiarity with Domain Resources and Research 5
Level five Chinese. Individualize research with mentor. Development of research topic. Chinese only.
8897 Departmental Seminar 1-3
Seminar in Chinese literature, linguistics or pedagogy; topic varies.
8998 Research in Chinese: Project 1-3
Research leading to the completion of a project other than a conventional dissertation.
8999 Research in Chinese: Dissertation 1-3
Research leading to the completion of a dissertation.


2231 Elements of Japanese Culture 3
A survey of literature, art, religion, philosophy, film, and social institutions of the Japanese people from the earliest to the most recent times. Taught in English.
2451 Japanese Literature in Translation 3
Representative masterpieces from Japan's literary tradition: fiction, poetry, drama, prose. Taught in English.
4193 Individual Studies 1-3
4401 Japanese Literature and Film in Critical Perspective 3

Survey in translation of canonical works of Japanese literature and film and introduction to methods for the critical evaluation of the Japanese literary tradition.
4998 Undergraduate Research Project 3
4999 Undergraduate Research Thesis 3
5400 Performance Traditions of Japan 3

Introduction to performance traditions of Japan; explores selected performing arts in their cultural contexts and examines patterns of emergence in modern times.
5400 Performance Traditions of Japan 3
Introduction to performance traditions of Japan; explores selected performance genres in their cultural contexts and examines patterns of mergence in modern times.
5455 Japanese Literature: Medieval and Edo Periods 3
Survey of Japanese literature from the thirteenth to the early nineteenth century: popular tales, poetry, drama, and the fiction of the merchant class.
6193 Individual Studies 1-3
6998 Research in Japanese: Project 1-3
6999 Research in Japanese: Thesis 1-3
7384 Japanese Syntax 3

Discussion of the grammatical structures of Japanese; presentation of syntactic rules.
8897 Departmental Seminar 1-3
8998 Research in Japanese: Project 1-3
8999 Research in Japanese: Dissertation 1-3


2231 Elements of Korean Culture 3
A survey of the religion, history, customs, performing arts, fine arts, literature, and social institutions of the Korean people from the earliest era to the present. Taught in English.
4194 Cultures of the Cold War in Korea 3
A study of the specific cultural and artistic forms of Cold War Korea. Course being offered via live videoconference technology from the University of Minnesota.
4998 Undergraduate Research Project 3
Focused research toward completion of an original project.
4999 Undergraduate Research Thesis 3
Focused research toward completion of an original thesis.
5405 Korean Dramatic Tradition 3
Major works in the Korean dramatic tradition from ancient to contemporary eras. Includes historical and performative discourse, dramatic reading and enactment. Taught bilingually, sometimes in English and sometimes in Korean.
6454 Korean Literary Traditions 3
Analysis of the development of Korean literary traditions and their significance in the cultural and intellectual evolution of Korean society. All reading materials are in Korean.


5660 Financial Aspects of International Trade 3 -4
International payments and receipts; foreign exchange markets; balance-of-payments adjustment under different monetary systems; macroeconomic policy; international monetary reforms; foreign investments; multinational corporations.


2750 World Regional Geography 3
An examination of the human and physical geographic structure of all world regions; defined primarily at the continental scale. Examines regions in global context.
3597.01 World Urbanization 3
An examination of geographic aspects of the urbanization process in the world's major regions; interrelationships between urbanization and economic development.
5601 Geographies of Governmentalities 3
Governance and society from a geographic perspective using Foucault’s governmentality framework.
7193 Individual Studies in Geography 1
Independent studies on selected Geography related topics.


2375 Islamic Central Asia 3
Introductory survey of the political, cultural, religious, and economic history of Islamic central Asia from the eighth-century Arab conquests to the nineteenth-century Russian colonial era.
2401 History of East Asia in the Pre-Modern Era 3
Introduction to societies and cultures of pre-modern China, Korea, and Japan; the East Asian geographical and cultural unit.
2402 History of East Asia in the Modern Era 3
Introduction to the transformation of societies and cultures of modern China, Korea, and Japan from the 17th century to the present.
3404 Modern China 1750-1949 3
History of Modern China, circa 1750 to 1949; emphasis on state and society (politics, military affairs, economics, social structure, and culture).
3425 History of Japan Before 1800 3
History of Japan to 19th century; emphasis on religion, politics, economic development, social structure and culture.
3426 History of Modern Japan 3
Japanese history since 1800: politics, economics, intellectual change, foreign relations. International scientific, technological and cultural interaction, World War II, Japanese contributions to global culture featured.
3435 History of Early Modern Korea 3
Examines the development of Korea from ancient times through the turn of the 20th century. Sometimes this course is taught in a distance-only format.
3436 History of Modern Korea 3
Modern Korean History, with focus on the legacy of colonialism, the Korean War, the impact of the Cold War, divided Korea, the growth of competing national ideologies and economic systems, and the recent military crises.
3580 The Vietnam War 3
Study of the background, causes, conduct, and consequences of the Vietnam War, 1945-1975.
4410 Research Seminar in Chinese History 3
Research course in pre-modern, modern, or contemporary Chinese history for History majors with topics changing regularly to fit faculty and student interests.
6999 Master’s Thesis Research 1-12
Research for Master's thesis.
7193.01 Individual Studies 1-6
The investigation of particular problems in various fields of history through graduate-level individual studies.
7193.02 Individual Studies 1-6
The investigation of particular problems in various fields of history through graduate-level individual studies.
7405 Introduction to Graduate-Level East Asian Studies 3
The origins, development and current state of East Asian Area Studies in the U.S., including EAS’s relationship with other intellectual disciplines.
7410 Studies in Pre-Modern Chinese History 3
Intensive study, through reading and discussion, of major issues and recent scholarship in pre-modern Chinese history.
8400 Seminar in East Asian History 1-6
Research topic to be announced.
8999 Thesis Research 1-12
Research for dissertation.

History of Art

2003 Asian Art 3
Art of Asian cultures from ancient through contemporary times.
2901 Introduction to World Cinema 3
Chronological survey of the most influential and recognized film artists and film movements of the world.
4001 Writing Seminar in History of Art 3
4815 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art 3
Modern Chinese art (late 19th century to today) with emphasis on artists, artworks, and their social, artistic, institutional, and theoretical contexts.
4820 The Arts of Japan 3
Major trends in the visual arts of Japan, from prehistory through the 19th century. Students will explore the arts in Japan from ancient to contemporary, covering a wide range of materials, including sculpture, calligraphy, ink paintings, architecture, photography, contemporary painting, and woodblock prints. We will discuss historical and social contexts, such as gender and representations of the body, Buddhist versus secular viewing contexts, and the relations of power involved in the collection of “Japanese art.” The class will follow a rough chronological order while allowing the linkages between past and present to be examined, rather than obscured. No past experience in Japanese studies or art history required.
8811 Studies in Chinese Art 4
Advanced study and specialized research in the history of Chinese art.
8999 Research in History of Art 1-3
Research for dissertation purposes only.

International Studies

2050 Introduction to China and Japan 3
Multidisciplinary survey of contemporary Asian civilizations: their geographical and racial backgrounds, historical and cultural heritages, social organizations, economic and political problems and international relations.
2500 Introduction to Development Studies 3
Examines theories of political economy and development, as well as the historical geography of global capitalism and contemporary issues in international economic development.
3850 Introduction to Globalization 3
Analysis of globalization in its various aspects, economic, political, environmental and technological, as well as of its extent and desirability.
4195 Selected Problems in International Studies 3
Class discussions, with several guest speakers, informal conferences, and a reading and research program arranged to meet the special needs of those enrolled.
4250 Comparative Communism: China and Russia (50% EA) 3
Examines the different trajectories of the world’s two great communist powers of the 20th century through lectures, textbook readings, articles, films, and case studies.
4535 International Economic Development (25% EA) 3
Study of the growth and diversification of developing economies and the causes of poverty and inequality. Analyze the impacts of human capital formation, markets and public policy on development.
4597.01 Food, Population, and the Environment (25%EA) 3
Problems related to world-wide population increases, food production, and associated environmental stress; policy options for lessening these problems, especially in low-income countries.
4701 The Development & Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction (25% EA) 3
Includes discussions on the historical development and use of WMDs in Japan in WWII, current proliferation efforts in North Korea and China, and security efforts to halt WMD development throughout the world.
4850 Understanding the Global Information Society (25% EA) 3
Invites students to think critically about the global networks that are shaping the new knowledge creation & sharing processes. To monitor news, investigate web resources & gather information for assignments, report & case study analysis.
5051 East Asia in the Post Cold War Era: Issues in Regional Security & Economic Development 3
Taught by a Korea-focused lecturer or by EASC post-doctoral researchers whose foci are on China, Japan, and/or Korea.
5702 Research on Organized Violence 3
5703 Writing About the Intelligence Community 3

Students will practice writing forms regularly used by the US intelligence community. Designed to provide high-level US policymakers with both raw information & detailed analysis on international events. Requires extensive research.


2250 Music Cultures of the World 3
A survey of musical cultures outside the Western European tradition of the fine arts.


2120 Asian Philosophies 3
A survey including at least three of the following philosophical systems of Asia: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, and Confucianism.
8193 Individual Studies 1-9
Doctoral students may register for individual study in areas not normally covered by courses.
8200 Seminar in History of Philosophy 1-4
Seminar in History of Philosophy.
8999 Dissertation Research in Philosophy 1-9
Research for dissertation purposes only.

Political Science

1300 Global Politics 3
Cooperation and conflict in world politics. Covers basic theories of international relations and key issues, including security, political economy, international organizations, and the environment.
4597.01 International Cooperation and Conflict 3
An examination of the relationships industrialized countries have with each other and developing nations; focus on potential for cooperation and conflict.
4597.02 Political Problems of the Contemporary World 3
Critical political problems of industrialized and developing societies, including governmental legitimacy, conflict and violence, social welfare, equality, and economic development.
7230 Chinese Politics 3
A seminar for the purpose of reading advanced scholarly materials on contemporary Chinese politics.
8783 Research in International Politics 3
Research seminar on various topics in international politics.

Public Health

6000 Introduction to Global Health 3
Overview of current and emerging global health issues, their determinants, actions, and interventions.


3597.01 World Problems in Global Context 3
Sociological analysis of contemporary world societies - non-industrialized, industrializing, and industrialized - with special attention to major social institutions and patterns of social change.
3597.02 World Population Problems 3
General introduction to population studies, emphasizing how population growth and structure have caused or aggravated social problems in various countries.
6193 Individual Studies 1 - 9
Individual Studies. Repeatable. This course is graded S/U.
6999 Research for Thesis 1 – 12
Research for thesis purposes only. Au and Sp Semesters Repeatable. This course is graded S/U.


3597 Issues of the Contemporary World: Censorship and Performance 3
Exploration of censorship in live performance in both Western and non-Western communities and the ways such practice links to governmental public policy or to pressure groups.