Be a Catalyst...

Support original thought and action in the study of East Asia.

Since 1969, the East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University has been a hub for East Asian studies within the campus community and beyond. Become part of our network to foster the following initiatives:

Chinese Character for Fire

Promote scholarship on East Asia...

  • Innovative Teaching and Research:
    initiates curriculum and extracurricular activities that provide new scholarly directions in East Asian studies
  • Buddhist Studies Initiative:
    supports student scholarships, course offerings, and Tibetan language instruction


Connect the community with East Asia...

  • Scholarship Competitions:
    builds the next generation of teachers and students through support for academic and professional pursuits
  • Special Events:
    provides opportunities to engage with scholars, government ofcials and public figures

Chinese Character for River


Inspire life-long learning about East Asia...

  • Public Arts Initiative:
    develops public works in Central Ohio to spark thought and raise cultural awareness about East Asia
  • Cultural Programming:
    creates opportunities to share East Asian culture through performing and visual arts
  • Current Events:
    opens dialogue to contextualize world events and trends in East Asian politics, economics and business

When you make a gift to EASC, you join a community of individuals dedicated to supporting original thought and action in the study of East Asia. Tax-deductible gifts can be designated to the EASC or to country-specific institutes.