2013 National Resource Center Conference at The Ohio State University FLAS Fellowship Recipient studies in Korea Graduate students and faculty participating at the fourth ICS Graduate Forum (2013) Columbus school children create origami cranes for students in Japan affected by a natural disaster IKS Director and Students with Korean Ambassador to the U.S. at IKS Lecture Series

EASC serves as a hub for East Asia-related programming, information, and events, and is home to three institutes:


The East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University:

Chinese character for fire

SPARKS innovative inquiry and instruction on East Asia’s past, present and future to further knowledge of East Asia and its impact on the world among students, faculty, educators, and the public.

Chinese character for treeFORGES interdisciplinary connections across fields and regions to spur collaborative approaches to East Asia with partners in academia, government, the arts, business, and media.

Chinese character for riverINITIATES programs to inspire life-long learning about East Asia from K-12 onward to higher education and into the workforce.