Mary Beckman Mary Beckman
Professor, Linguistics
Phonetic Modeling
Laboratory Phonology
Phonological Acquisition
614 292-2577
Howard Crane Howard Crane
Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Islamic Art and Architecture 614 292-7481
Robert Fox Robert Fox
Professor and Chair, Speech and Hearing Science; Professor by Courtesy, Linguistics
Acoustic Phonetics
Speech Perception and Production
Second Language Acquisition
614 292-1628
Stephen Hills Stephen Hills
Professor Emeritus, Management and Human Resources
International markets
Role of monetary policy on part-time employment levels in Europe
Labor markets in Mexico, South Africa, Poland and China
Kewei Hou
Associate Professor, Finance
Asset pricing
Market efficiency
Behavioral finance
John Huntington John Huntington
Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Inner and East Asian Art, Asian Buddhist Iconography
Art Photography
614 688-8198
Susan Huntington Susan Huntington
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Buddhist Art and Artifacts
South Asian and Himalayan art
Photographic documentation
614 292-7481
Hadi Jorati Hadi Jorati
Assistant Professor
Medieval, Late Antique, and Pre-modern period of Islam 614 292-0028
Scott Levi Scott Levi
Associate Professor, History
Central Asia, India, Islam 614 292-2447
Morgan Liu Morgan Liu
Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Cultural Anthropology of Central Asia, including Xinjiang
Languages: Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, French
614 292-5619
Mona V. Makhija Mona V. Makhija
Professor, Management and Human Resources
International strategies
Multinational firms
Foreign direct investment
614 292-8692
Randall Schweller
Professor, International Relations
International security 614 292-5357
Ian Sheldon
Andersons Professor of International Trade; Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
614 292-2194
Joel Wainwright
Associate Professor, Geography
Political economy of development and social theory 614 247-8746
Youngjoo Yi
Associate Professor, Foreign and Second Language Education
Second language literacy 614 292-1696