Julia Andrews Julia Andrews
Professor, History of Art
Modern and Contemporary Chinese art
Chinese and Japanese art, particularly Chinese painting
614 292-7481
Mark Bender Mark Bender
Professor, DEALL
Traditional Chinese Performance
Performance-connected Literature of Local Han and Ethnic Minority Cultures in China
614 292-1746
Marjorie K. M. Chan Marjorie K. M. Chan
Associate Professor, DEALL; Director, Institute for Chinese Studies
Chinese linguistics
phonetics, phonology (synchronic and diachronic), dialectology
614 292-3619
Sherab Chen
Associate Professor, University Libraries
Classical Tibetan
Tibetan Buddhist studies
614 247-7460
Wan-Chen Chen
Lecturer, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
Daniel C.K. Chow Daniel C.K. Chow
Professor, Law
Chinese legal system 614 292-0948
Kirk Denton Kirk Denton
Professor and Undergraduate Director, DEALL
Modern Chinese literature
Historical memory in Greater China
614 292-5548
Belton Fleisher Belton Fleisher
Professor Emeritus, Economics
Chinese economy
Economic development
Labor economics
614 292-6429
Meow Hui Goh Meow Hui Goh
Associate Professor, DEALL
Literature, literary history, and cultural history of medieval China 614 292-2284
Meiyu Hsieh
Assistant Professor, History
Early imperial Chinese history
Chinese paleography
State formation and empire building
Xiaobin Jian Xiaobin Jian
Associate Professor, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
premodern Chinese literature
Steven Knicely Steven Knicely
Academic Program Specialist, DEALL
Chinese language 614 292-0215
Guoqing Li Guoqing Li
Professor, University Libraries
Chinese literature, history, and bibliography, translation 614 292-9597
Zhong-lin Lu
Distinguished Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Professor, Psychology; Director, Center of Cognitive and Behavioral Brain Imaging; Director, Center for Cognitive Science
Karen Mancl Karen Mancl
Professor, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering
China's environment and rural technology transfer 614 292-4505
Patrick McAloon Patrick McAloon
Senior Lecturer, DEALL; OSU Chinese Flagship Undergraduate Program Manager
Chinese language pedagogy 614 247-4254
Zhenchao Qian Zhenchao Qian
Professor and Chair, Sociology
614 292-5452
Christopher A. Reed Christopher A. Reed
Associate Professor, History
Modern Chinese history, 19th & 20th centuries
Print culture
614 292-0853
Oded Shenkar Oded Shenkar
Professor, Business; Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management
International business and management
Chinese management systems
International strategic alliances
614 292-0083
Patricia Sieber Patricia Sieber
Associate Professor in Chinese; Director of the East Asian Studies Center
World literature and print culture
Chinese song, drama, and fiction, 13th-18th centuries
European sinology, 17th-19th centuries
614 292-2464
Daniel Z. Sui Daniel Z. Sui
Professor and Chair, Geography; Distinguished Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences; Director, Urban & Regional Analysis
Social Media
Volunteered Geographic Information
614 688-5441
Galal Walker Galal Walker
Professor, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy
Language and culture
Computer applications to language pedagogy
614 292-4243
Jeremy Wallace Jeremy Wallace
Assistant Professor, Political Science
Contemporary Chinese politics
Urbanization, development, and political participation
614 292-4291
Jianqi Wang Jianqi Wang
Associate Professor, DEALL
Chinese language pedagogy and linguistics
Computer assisted language learning and teaching
614 292-5871
Max Woodworth Max Woodworth
Assistant Professor, Geography
Urban China 614 247-6899
Zhiguo Xie Zhiguo Xie
Assistant Professor, DEALL
Chinese linguistics
syntax and semantics
614 292-3184
Ying Zhang Ying Zhang
Assistant Professor, History
Pre-modern Chinese history 614 292-0156
Rongbin Zheng
Lecturer, DEALL
Chinese linguistics 614 292-3737